Robert & Dorah Yoder Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings to you in Jesus Name. We just want to take time and thank you for your prayers and financial support that you have been sending our way. May God bless you. 1Thessalonians 3:3, But the Lord is Faithful, who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.

Dorah’s Travels

This year has been a roller coaster for us. In April Dorah went to Zambia to visit her family as her father was sick and in and out of the hospital. She was able to spend two weeks there and really enjoyed her time especially with her father. While she was gone I learned to cook chicken nuggets three different ways and experimented with all different types of cooking. The kids loved it except the few times that it burnt. My wife came home the end of April and was home for two weeks when we received the call that her dad was very sick and they did not expect him to live much longer. So we once again sent Dorah (and this time with Elisha) to Zambia to be with her mother during this hard time. 

When Dorah arrived she found her father in the hospital once again and this time he looked very sick, but after a few days he got better. On the 2nd of June Dorah had her birthday and her father was well enough to sing her happy birthday which just made her day. Dorah stayed another two weeks and Her father was in and out of the hospital. On the 14th of June Dorah returned to South Africa. It was good to have her here and we had all missed her and Elisha. Dorah was back with us just 3 days when the morning of June 18th we received a phone call that her father had passed away. It was hard to hear this news. We cried as a family and then prepared Dorah for her 3rd flight back to Zambia. This time she traveled by herself. It was a hard time, but we were encouraged by the faithfulness of God and also many of you were praying for us. Thank you so much. This time Dorah was gone for 10 days and arrived back home on the 28th of June. 

We thank God for the opportunity that He has given us to serve Him in South Africa. There are a lot of new things to learn as a coordinator. My wife and I look back on the years that we spent in Zambia and we have really appreciated all that we learned from Doug and Barb Petersen and the Zambian staff.

Children Update

Esther, Ethan and Elisha are doing well. Esther is now doing 3rd grade. She is learning her 3rd language which is Afrikaans. She enjoys going to school and making new friends.

Ethan is in grade one. He is also learning his 3rd language and is making a lot of friends. He enjoys school, which he gets from his mother. Elisha is the only one at home this year. He is learning to use the toilet and get out of diapers, though he has been stubborn about it. I reckon he gets that from his dad.

Dorah Update

Dorah is ever busy working in the sewing room with one of the other staff ladies this term. They are making curtains for all the base windows. She also cooks lunch for the students. She is a mother to all the students.

Robert Update

I stay busy sorting out the office work and overseeing the students and also do all the driving for the base, but that will soon change as I am teaching one of the staff to drive the truck and the bus. We also have a lot of ministry opportunities to the children and the needy.

New Staff!!!

In May the South Africa Base was blessed with new staff. We now have a married couple, Mr and Mrs Kitenge, and a single man Mr. Bongani. They are a blessing to our lives and the ministry. This term we have 12 students in class which is a huge blessing to the ministry. Indeed God is faithful. We are looking forward to what He has in store for us this new year since we just clocked one year since we moved to South Africa!

Thank You

Once again to all our family, friends and supporters, we are saying thank you so much for the sacrifice you always make for us to keep on serving. Thanks a lot for being the hands and the feet to make the work of God go forward. We really appreciate you and may the Lord God almighty bless your hands.

Yours in His service

Robert, Dorah, Esther, Ethan and Elisha Yoder

Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 121

Prayer Requests

  • 1. Safety as we serve the Lord in South Africa
  • 2. For revival in South Africa
  • 3. For BMW students to grow spiritually
  • 4. Good health
  • 5. Protection for our children as they go to school
  • 6. More wisdom and the grace of God upon our lives
  • 7. God to meet the needs of the people we minister to

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