Seth & Emily Phippen Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Hey from the Phippen Family, 

Hope you are all doing well. It’s been a busy time for us these last few months. We are doing well and staying healthy. James has started kindergarten with Emily here at home and he is loving it. Lauren likes to tag along and do her school right alongside James. She loves to play “kitchen” with her play food and has regular tea parties. James loves creating with legos, paper, boxes, and anything else he can find. Emma is growing like a weed and we cannot believe it’s been a year since we welcomed her into our family. She is adventurous and keeps us on our toes. I rotate preaching at our local congregation. I also enjoy playing football (soccer) with our staff and students. Emily is keeping busy as always with the finances and paperwork along with teaching the kids and looking after our home. She enjoys baking and finding new recipes to create.

We are heading into our summer months (hot months) here and are looking forward to the rain and everything turning green again. We are so blessed to be here in Malawi because of all of you who faithfully support our family. We love that we get to see how God is working in the lives of our friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters in the Lord and others who don’t yet know Christ. But not everyday is easy; some days are harder than others with tough decisions to make. We have many people depending on us and we want to set a good example of Christ for them. We need to daily look to the Lord Jesus to be our rock and shepherd. Please pray for our family as we serve the Lord in Malawi through your generosity towards us in the ministry.

Malawi Boot Camp

Malawi Boot Camp has come and gone and we are into another semester of Teen Missions Free Bible and Work Training Center (BMW) here in Malawi. This summer Emily and I worked alongside our staff to oversee the three national Boot Camps throughout the country. We had a total of 544 people come to Boot Camp as leaders or members. There were a total of 19 teams that were sent around Malawi to do various evangelistic projects like sports, dramas, choirs, and construction projects. Some of the projects the teams did were to build a pastor’s house in Khwidzi, make an outhouse for a widow in Nkhata Bay, build a new Teen Missions Sunday school ministry center in Chipoka, and two new Teen Missions staff houses at the Rescue Unit in Dowa and the Matron Unit in Benga. In all more than 700 people gave their lives to Christ this summer as a direct result of the teams that were sent out from Teen Missions. One exciting story from the Boot Camp in Mangochi was that one of the teams went to work with a church that was located on the border of Mozambique. One day they were invited to cross the border into Mozambique so that they could do open-air ministry in an area that was heavily Islamic. To the teams surprise they were welcomed by the chief and told to go ahead with their ministry. At the end of their time in the village many people turned to Christ and many more had heard the message of the Gospel. Pray for those who received Christ this summer through the teams that went out and that they would get connected with a church that would help them grow in their relationship with Christ!

Malawi BMW

After the busyness of Boot Camp we had 3 weeks to get things cleaned up and changed back over to be ready for the semester to start at the end of September. Since Emily and I have been here, the number of Bible school students has increased yearly. This year the school in Chipoka had more applicants than we have ever received at any single time. When the semester started there were 21 students at the BMW in the northern part of the country, 72 at the central BMW and 21 at the southern BMW to make a total of 114 Bible school students with Teen Missions in Malawi. After completing the two years of Bible school, the students go on to do a one-year internship either with Teen Missions or another ministry or church around the country to put what they have learned into practice and to learn first hand about life as a missionary.

This year Teen Missions also took in a record number of graduates for internship at one of our different ministry locations around Malawi. We were able to accept 19 interns. After a week of training and classes they were sent out to begin their internship experience. Please pray for these young men and women as they begin this life-changing experience. They face many obstacles and struggles during their year as an intern and we want this to be a good time of practical training in the life of ministry.

This semester I have been able to take on one of my favorite things to do here, teach! I will be teaching through the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit until Christmas. I am very excited to have this opportunity again, but with all the other things going on with overseeing the ministry in Malawi I want to make sure I am not spreading myself too thin. Pray that I will be able to manage my time well and still be able to take care of the things that need to get done in the ministry without taking time away from raising my kids and loving my wife.

May God bless you as you faithfully serve Him.

Seth, Emily, James, Lauren, & Emma Phippen

Prayer Requests:

  • 1. Wisdom in decision making
  • 2. Health for our family
  • 3. To love others well
  • 4. For more monthly financial partners

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