Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Canada Leadership Development Team

Dear Friends and Family, 

As we (Rosemary and the kids) waited for the rain to stop, that was coming down in sheets, I thought about the team coming. “I hope they are okay. I hope their bags are not too wet. When are we going to be able to walk over for supper?” See we were receiving a team of 12 teens and two adults today and I was anxious to see them.

They got in just fine. Todd put a tarp over their bags so they stayed dry and I didn’t hear of any problems – though they did lose phone and internet the next day because of a tree that came down on the line to the house because of the storm. That was the beginning of the stay for the Canadian Leadership Development Team.

While the team was here, they did a huge amount of work on the camp to get it ready for a future Northern Boot Camp. Floors and porches were rebuilt, roofs redone, brush cleared, garbage removed, foundations of the cabins stabilized, camp sites discovered, an obstacle  course wall built and a camp sign created. It looks like such a different place. They did such a great job and we are grateful to God for sending them.

Though it looks so much different, there is much more to be done before Teen Missions in Canada is ready for a Boot Camp. I’m grateful that we have a group of adults coming this week to do more skilled work. By the time you read this, they will be already gone. The Barbers arrived today and the rest will arrive on Friday.  We are very excited to see the original vision for Camp Outlook starting to come together. We will Lord willing, have another work group in June and a possible summer team during July to continue with repairs on the camp.  

Prayer Request & Praise

And please pray for our family. This summer was tough which caused us to see our limits and grow. It was enjoyable and it was exhausting. Todd was gone more often and tired when he got home and I was just tired. Some time during the first week of this summer, we realized this was not going to work. So, when Laurie (Todd’s mom) offered to come see the kids for a few weeks, we said, yes. Having two women in the house gave me time to rest and allowed us to better handle the stress of the summer and four kids at home – the oldest being six.

Nightingale Family Reunion


The team left the beginning of August and then we took a week to finish preparing for our time with family. This summer we went to visit the west coast. We visited friends in BC, had a family reunion in California, and visited friends in Arizona. Many of the people, including my mom, we had not seen in at least three years. So it was wonderful to catch up. It was definitely a full summer.

Back to Work

After such a rewarding, fun and busy summer, we are tired and full. When we got back from traveling I got a cold that knocked me out for the weekend. But these last two weeks have been a chance to rest and catch up on things that fell through the cracks at home and in the office. Todd is catching up on finance work and I have been working on decluttering and cleaning the house. We are full of anticipation and joy. There were many blessings from God this summer. Many of which we have mentioned – the team being here was a great blessing to Todd and the Adult Team coming was a huge help.  Seeing family and friends and reconnecting with them, as well as having Laurie come to help and love on the kids. Yes, we definitely had a full summer.


~Todd & Rosemary

+ Shemar, Kara, Phillip, Timothy

2 Cor. 12:9-10

P.S If you would like to hear more about what the family is doing, we have a Facebook group called Enjoying the Journey ( where I post more regularly about us and Teen Missions.

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