Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Dear Friends,

We did not lead a team this year, but we did do a little traveling, 43,000 miles of travel! 


Kenya was our first stop, where we visited our teen team and did some set up for future work in the country. We had a great time with the team, getting to know the kids and leaders better and even went on safari with them. 


Thailand was our next stop. We enjoyed our time with Anthony and Shawna Myers and the Thailand team. They did a great job on their project and we were able to do a day of sightseeing with them. Church services were good and the team had a special time with the children following lunch where they played games, sang songs, and had a Bible lesson with them.


Then we were on our way to Cambodia. The American team was a Motorcycle Circuit Team where they would make day trips to local villages and work with children through song, games and lessons about Jesus. They also had a project on the base doing some stucco work. We had the opportunity to meet with our coordinator and some of the board members. There is a great ministry in Cambodia, but as we see in most countries, we need additional staff. 


Taiwan was three days of meeting people and traveling the country as we are looking at the possibility of a BMW (Bible, Missionary, and Work Training Center) in the future. Mr. and Mrs, Yeh and their daughter were wonderful hosts and are so excited about Teen Missions. We are thankful for people excited about the ministry who are willing to help open doors for TMI to grow.


Another flight and we were on our way to Fiji and a beautiful camp where the team was building a fence, digging ditches, and doing plumbing. The team did a great job on the project and can be proud of all they did. 


Our last stop was Indonesia. We met with the coordinators from all of our bases and then flew to a couple of the islands to visit and meet the students in our BMWs. Indonesia has a huge number of BMW students with productive bases.They have gardens, fish farms and many local ministries in the area.

End of Summer

Although tiring, it was a great trip and we better understand some of the needs of our bases and coordinators. It was enlightening to mingle with the teams and leaders and encouraging to work with excited people wanting to see Teen Missions grow.

We made it home in time for the end of first Debrief. The teams return to Florida for a few days of sharing and classes in preparation to return home. Richard taught a class in second Debrief and the summer ministry closed out. It’s good to see the teens share their stories and testimonies about how God has worked in and through them during the summer. That’s why the staff and leaders of Teen Missions put in the long hours of love and ministry.


A few weeks of catching up on paperwork and payroll and we were off again. This time we were able to join a group of eight men from the Tree Church in Lancaster, Ohio at our Canada base. They continued the work that the TMI team had started last summer. The teens had cleaned up trash and brush, leveled the cottages and built decks on them. The men’s group cut down trees that were hanging over buildings, ran electric to the cabins, installed windows and doors and did some major clearing around the dining hall building. They also built a beautiful door for the chapel and added security lights. We had a great time together.

Back at Home

We are home again. And it feels good. But we are also looking forward to leaving again in a couple of weeks. This time we will be heading to Ohio for deputation. It is a busy two weeks but it is also a good time to relax and enjoy old friends and family.

Update on Jon

For FTMs of Jon. He is trying to make the move to Florida, the end of October. Remember, if you are able to support him in his ministry with Teen Missions, just go to

Thank You

Again, thank you so much for your generous support and many prayers. We thank God for each of you and your faithfulness. 

In Christ, 

Richard and Gina Barber


Sept. 24th—Gina saw her oncologist today and had an encouraging visit. Although the white blood count is one point higher than her last visit, all of the other blood work is very good and she remains healthy.  They will continue to monitor her situation with blood tests every four months. We are praising the Lord for the good report and continue to rely on Him daily. 

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