Patrick and Jenifer Eyudu Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. 

It is very possible to have hope in Christ Jesus. Why? Because He is the perfecter and the finisher of our faith.  I came to know all this when I gave my life wholy to serving Him from the time when two young men shared with me the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After I came to Christ I started working with them at church. These two young men never left me alone nor took any day without visiting my parents until I went to secondary level high school.  In Secondary school I joined Scripture Union and I started ministering to my fellow students. I had strong courage that the Lord Himself spoke to me, “Fear thou not I will be with you.” Every week I always led students to Christ. 

In 2006 I first joined Boot Camp in Bugoi, Uganda.  I lead the team to one of the highlands in Lake Koyga where we spent over six hours without knowing where we were going.  It was my first trip by boat. I am now serving God with Teen Missions in Uganda as a staff member. My wife and me joined Teen Missions Bible school in the same year and finished the same year.  After our internship I had a voice speaking to me, you need to get married and I picked up my phone and called the number of Jenifer. I told her that I felt the Lord leading me to marry her. She said yes, let’s trust the Lord.  He gave us the way and we got married.   

Together we are the facilitators at the Rescue Unit in Bugoi.  It is a fishing village and many of the parents of the children we assist are dependant on the lake to sustain them.  We have 201 registered orphans we care for. We grow cotton to sell and help more of the children in our area. We also have gardens with greens, sweet potatoes and tomatoes to share as well.

The Lord has given us four beautiful daughters.  Favor, Race, Blessing and Tabitha. The oldest two have now reached the age of primary school.  We wish to send you our prayer request for their school fees. We wish to have 20 people willing to give $25 to assist.  If you become our donor we would be so appreciative. I do pen off for now. May we all enter Heaven rejoicing for the faithful work we have done.

God Bless you Amen,

Patrick and Jenifer Eyudu and family

Prayer Requests

  1.  Pray for health and strength to do the work God has called us to.
  2. Pray for the orphans we assist
  3. Pray for the rains to be strong this year
  4. Pray our children will grow strong in the Lord

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