Rose Anyora Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Greetings from Rose, the Matron at the Nehemiah House in the Bugoi, Uganda.  I would first like to thank you so much for all your prayers and support—you are so special to us.  Nehemiah House is there because you are there for us. The Lord has been faithful and has provided many things and so we give glory to the Almighty God.  

At the Nehemiah House Unit hostel we keep girls from the age of 12 to 17.  They come from the community around and most live on the shores of Lake Kyoga. Many come and do not know English and some cannot even write their name. But through prayers God has helped these girls to learn English and how to write. I teach them how to pray, read the Word of God, how to cook, wash and do general cleanliness. I just completed six years serving the Lord here and I have seen the first girls complete primary school and move on to secondary.  Some ended up doing courses like plating hair, tailoring and catering. This community is so appreciating God for what Teen Missions ministry has done in their lives. Many visit during holidays as they call the hostel home.  

The girls have morning and evening glory where we take a few minutes to pray and worship the Lord.  We then prepare songs and sing at church on Sundays. They have grown so much spiritually. 

The girls also participate in sports like netball and running.  They all did well in academics and performed well on exams. 

The US team this year, blessed us with a solar battery and new water tank and we are so grateful.

One girl Alsha gave her life to the Lord recently and one girl called Sorah was healed from a snake bite.  It is wonderful to see how the Lord is helping them.  

Thank you for all your support through prayers and finances God Bless you.

Rose Anyora

Prayer Request

  1. More girls to come to the hostel
  2. Salvation, protection and good health for the girls
  3. Wisdom, good health, and understanding as I minister to the girls 

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