Doug & Barb Petersen Newsletter (Fall 2019)

The teen team attempting to drill a well

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Zambia! Lots has happened since we last wrote. We praise God for and in all things, we give Him the Glory! The teams have come and gone, the Bible School is in the final term for our Senior Class, and we all watched Dorian with bated breath. Here are some “snap-shots” of our memories.

US Teams

The Preteens and the Teen Team came off of the plane together. It was a beautiful sight. The Preteens got right to work laying sidewalks with pavers. They are already a blessing but when the rains come, they will be like bricks from heaven. Then the well-drilling team got all their gear together and off they drove for their project at Lake Mweru. You can locate it on the map of Zambia up north of Mansa, where we have a Rescue Unit and a BMW. They had a big challenge with the geology of the area. They hit underground caves of water at the two different sites where they attempted to drill. Finally, they switched to building shelters for the Circuit Riders who are already doing Sunday Schools each day. The shelters needed to be finished before the rainy season starts in October/November. They presented the JESUS Film, did evangelism with children and performed many other tasks that were a big blessing to the ministry.

Preteens working on the sidewalk

Steve, our son, got malaria before leaving for sightseeing. He was treated quickly and was still able to see the sights at Livingstone and enjoy Debrief. One other team member got malaria while in Debrief, but was treated and has recovered. We praise God for His healing power. Our Father in Heaven is constantly watching over us!

Bible School

The students are growing in the Lord! It is the last term for the Seniors. Excitement about commissioning in December is already in the air. After two years of study, they will be placed on assignments for their internships. The current interns will be graduating after completing their three years. It is an exciting time as this colourful event takes place during Boot Camp under a Big Top tent.

Teen team clearing a soccer field

Boot Camp

Again, it is just around the corner. We just heard two testimonies from a Child Evangelism director who sent her son years ago. She said that he was “reformed” at Boot Camp and came back a different boy. Then she said her neighbor saw the change and asked if her son could go. Then the story was that her son also came back “reformed.” A few days ago we had a former team member and graduate stop in who is now a practicing judge in Ndola. He said to us, “This is where I got my start!” Of course, he has many years of schooling since being here, but he said, “I will volunteer for TMI at any time that I can, because I owe a debt to this place.” We say, “To God be the Glory, great things He has done.”

Rescue Unit Stories

Mike and Queen Monze are out at the Chiwala Rescue Unit. They are long time staffers. They shared this story with me. At 11 PM, after they had gone to bed, they heard a car come in and stop outside their house. Mike got up and opened the door. He thought, “What is Doug doing here!?” But the car was filled with locals, so he went out to see why they had come at this strange hour. They began to pull a very sick man from the car and carry him in, placing him on their sofa. He lied there and seemed to be barely alive. His feet were cold and he seemed to be dying. They said that they wanted prayer. Mike asked some questions and found this man was the son-in-law to the Chief. His daughter was one of the people in their house. Mike began to feel uneasy. He thought maybe it was a set-up to have him die at TMI and they try to run them off. At one time, the Chief had wanted that very piece of land that TMI is on. So as they prayed, Mike was fighting these thoughts. They prayed for God to heal this man. Then the Chief called. He asked, “How is he now?” Mike said that he is the same. Then afterwards, the man’s eyes opened. He said that he was thirsty, then that he was hungry, then he sat up. Mike asked him if he thought he could walk. He walked. Mike asked him if he thought he could even walk to the car. He said that he could. After drinking and having a bite of food, they left. The next day the Chief called to thank them and said that the clinic sent them away and could do nothing. They said that maybe they could go to TMI for prayers. So they did. Now the Chief drives by and waves at Mike and Queen if they are outdoors. This is not customary for a Chief to even look at people when he is driving. So God gave favor! To God be the Glory. 

The preteens finished sidewalk

A Sad Story from Solwezi

This just happened in the last few days. We were sent a picture of a boy with very swollen legs with sores. We were about to help in whatever way that we could, but again the clinics had turned him away saying that nothing could be done. But Mukuka Matolokoshi called saying that the boy had passed away and that his body was in the house overnight and was still there the next day. We sent out some funds so they could have a burial that same day since the body was in such a poor condition. They were able to get a simple casket made for him and properly bury him with the funds. If people cannot get even a casket, they bury in a blanket, if they can at least afford one. This is the sad life in the bush. We help wherever we can and, of course, prefer to be able to save lives, not have this kind of ending. 

From Lufwanyama

Hendrix and Ruth have been helping a baby who was born with a cleft palate. The baby struggled to eat since there was a whole in the palate. So far, there has been a successful surgery on the palate. Next they will do the procedure on the lip. Praise God for providing the funds to be able to help when we are made aware of serious medical needs.

To our beloved Supporters!

Words cannot express well enough our appreciation and gratitude for all that you have meant to us. We are so blessed to be able to continue in the work of the Lord. We pray that God will bless you back, as He has promised to do. So we KNOW that He will do it. Scripture says that the sender and the sent shall have the same reward. May that encourage you. Many are being saved, healed and delivered through this ministry. Many are also being taught, discipled, and going out and doing the work of the Lord. We pray for fruit that will abide! We appreciate ALL of our prayer support, knowing that God hears and answers above and beyond all that we can ask or even think.

God bless you!

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together,

In His harvest!

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matt. 6:33 and Gal. 2:20

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