Paul & Beth Kostner Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

Well, another summer of ministry has been completed. It was another amazing summer with many lives, both of the participants and of those to whom they ministered, changed for the glory of God. Although we had few here to help us man the base, as always, we saw the Hand of the Lord in how He orchestrated who would be here to keep everything going. After a few of days of travel delays for a couple of the teams, it ended up being one of the quietest summers we have had. The Debriefs went very well. A big shout out to Tim, Lori, Glenda and Bob for helping make this summer so easy for us.

Europe Travels

We were scheduled to leave to set up teams in Europe on September 3, but the trip was delayed for a couple of days due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Dorian. We visited 12 countries, flew on 10 different flights, traveled over 4050 miles by car all over 25 days. Even though it was an exhausting trip, we met a lot of amazing missionaries and made a lot of good contacts, saw some beautiful scenery, heard of the challenges the missionaries in Europe face and even had the chance to visit the site of our 1990 Kenya/Czech team in Ostrava. We also visited Zagreb, where I went in 1984, but we couldn’t find the exact site of our project or where we were housed. A highlight for me was meeting with a guy I literally grew up with (we were in 4th grade together along with high school and attended the same church for many years). Steve and his wife, Melissa, are serving in Italy and are being a light for Christ in this hard mission field. It is hard for some to imagine Europe as a “mission field”, but these missionaries face many unique challenges as they serve there. 

Back to Work

We are now back home and working hard to get the brochure copy written and proofed before handing it over to the printers. In addition, we have to get all of the materials that are sent to the team members after registration through the proofing process. We are excited about where Teen Missions is going next summer and for all the team members and leaders who will be participating with us.

Lindsay Update

Lindsay continues to do well with her job in Orlando. She has completed all the training needed to be fully certified here in Florida. She recently applied to be an “adoption specialist”, instead of working with the foster care system. She did get the job and will begin as soon as she can get someone trained to do her current job. She is excited to work in this area! Please pray as she transitions to this new job.

Colton Update

Colton is taking classes at the University of Central Florida. He takes several classes online and is driving in two days a week. He is also working at a restaurant part-time. It has been good having him back home and has been an easy adjustment for all of us. Please pray for safety as he travels to and from school and that he will do well in all of his classes.

Danae Update

Danae is a senior at Wheaton! Can you believe it? She spent this past summer in Taiwan teaching at a VBS. Although she thoroughly enjoyed it, she knows that working with young children is not her calling. It was her first summer ever not doing Teen Missions and it was an adjustment for her. During Boot Camp, she helped teach the training on the motorcycles. She was also available to teach at Debrief and helped with the Praise and Worship time also. She flew back to Wheaton before classes started so that she could work at the Wheaton College Post Office. She is now living in the Woodlawn Community in Chicago and is a part of the “Wheaton In Chicago” internship program. She has classes during the evenings and volunteers at a non-profit during the day. The non-profit she works for works with clients seeking employment. She is enjoying this experience, but also looks forward to moving back to Wheaton for her last semester. We did drive up to see her and see the neighborhood where she is now living. We also saw the house where she will be living with eight other girls in the spring. Please pray for her future plans after graduation. Included is a letter concerning her Christmas break plans

BJ Update

BJ is taking classes at the local community college and is working part-time at Chick-fil-A. Please pray that he will focus on his studies and that he will be open to what the Lord wants him to do for his future.

Thank You!

Well, that is all the news on the Kostner home front. We want to express our appreciation for all of those who are praying for us and who help support us financially. We are so thankful that the Lord allows us to be a part of this ministry!

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner

Hello Friends and Family!

As some of you may know, I had the opportunity to go to Taiwan this summer (not with TMI). I was a camp counselor at a VBS as well as a teacher for two subjects in the afternoon periods for grades 1-3. It was a great experience and it was very cool to see international travel and missions-type through a lens other than TMI. The VBS was for Pre-K through 5th grade and my “team” was the Pre-K and Kindergarteners. It was so cool to create relationships with those children over the 4 ½ weeks I was there. The experience grew me and I now have even more respect than I did for teachers, especially elementary teachers. 

As I prepare to graduate Wheaton this coming May (2020), I have been giving a lot of thought as to where I will head post-graduation. I have a couple of ministries in mind that I want to check out more as well as internships to pray over. I am not positive that I am headed into missions after college, but I know it’s not out of the question. That being said, Teen Missions is one of the ministries that I am thinking about. An awesome opportunity has arisen for me to go visit the TMI base in Zambia over my winter break and volunteer during the Boot Camp they run there at that time as well as assist in the office and report writing. I have never seen an overseas Boot Camp before, so I feel that that will be a super cool thing to experience and I am looking forward to meeting the staff and students there as well as being a help in any way they need me over the 2 ½ weeks I’d be there. 

If you would like to support this endeavor financially, there is a coupon attached to the bottom of this letter (in order to receive a tax deductible receipt, it will need to be written out to TMI). If the check is written out to Teen Missions, it will go towards my airfare and if it is written out to me it will go towards my visa/food and incidental expenses in country. 

I would also humbly ask that you pray over this trip and my last year of college—that I would be able to have wisdom and discernment in the direction I am supposed to head post-Wheaton. Thank you so much for being such loyal supporters (financial and prayer) of my parents and our family! 

Danae Kostner

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