Amanda Evans Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Hey Family & Friends,

2019 summer is over; it was a good summer! Now for cleaning up and putting stuff away and getting ready for 2020. I will stay busy this fall mailing both staff newsletters and upcoming summer teams brochure.

Summer Team

This summer was a good one. I was one of the four leaders on the Florida Preteen Team of eight kids; three boys and five girls ages 10-12 yrs old. Our projects were odd jobs around the Teen Missions base. We cleaned up a tent site area that had lots of trees down from the hurricane in 2016. The kids worked hard even though it was very hot. We also were able to clean up a room that will be used for storage and they painted it. During this process they got to break down some old shelves with sledge hammers and they loved it. We also got the opportunity to help another local ministry; House of Hope that helps those in need and gives them food. We got up early on both Mondays to do this and the kids were still excited to help out. Most of what they did was push wheelbarrows of food to the people’s cars. We also had the opportunity to do a couple of presentations at some local churches and one of them was the church that I attend. I was glad my church had the privilege to see the team. In the middle of Debrief we had another opportunity to drive to Jacksonville to a big church and do a presentation in front of their Preteen program. They are now interested in coming and checking out Teen Missions. It was awesome to watch the kids grow in their relationship with God. There were some issues; but God got us through it! 

Update on my Car

It’s still running, so that’s good. It is 2004 and has over 200,000 miles on it. When people have asked me how many miles I have on it, I tell them and they say that’s pretty good for a PT Cruiser. It has no AC, but my windows go down. I’m on the lookout for a used/new car. The main reason is so I can have a dependable vehicle for road trips to see all my supporters and friends. 

I do have some money saved and I’m still saving, but if anyone would like to help me, please fill out this coupon and it will go straight into the new/used car fund and nothing else.

Thank You

I want to take the time to thank you for all the prayers and support! I couldn’t do what God wants me to do without you, and I can’t do this without God because He is working through me; it’s not me.

Amanda Evans

Hebrews 13:5,6

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