Justin & Lindsey Casper Newsletter (Fall 2019)

To our friends and family, 

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity!! The month of May was extremely busy, as everyone prepared for the annual Teen Missions Mud Run. Justin’s department, the Land Crew, were responsible for repairing and setting up the obstacles. The whole project took about a month and a half. The event was a huge success. 675 people attended which enabled us to help underprivileged children overseas.

Summer Team

Originally, we thought Justin was going to be a leader on the Canada team for the summer, and me and the kids would be going as family members. We weren’t able to raise all the funds we needed in time, and thought we would be summer staff instead. But the Florida Preteen team ended up needing an assistant male leader, and Justin was asked to fill the position. 

Boot Camp

The beginning of June started with Justin doing leader training seminar, and then the team arrived mid June. The team consisted of five girls and three boys, ages 10 to 12. The first ten days were Boot Camp, where the kids learned skills they would need on the field. It was an exhausting, yet rewarding time, as they became a real team. 

Summer Project

After two weeks of Boot Camp, the mission began. Since it was the Florida team, no extended travel was required. The main mission was outreach of the surrounding areas of Merritt Island, while also completing projects on Teen Missions base. One of the outreach ministries was working at a local food pantry. While there, they assisted people by pushing their food to their vehicles in wheelbarrows. It really fostered a spirit of servitude. Another thing the team did was helping at an underprivileged youth camp. They performed skits and songs that enabled them to share the Gospel. 

The team also had a chance to get their hands dirty around the Teen Missions property. They cleaned brush and branches out of a campsite, painted several rooms, and had fun demolishing an old shelving unit. 

Overall, the summer was a great learning experience. Justin feels like it taught him to never give up on what God’s calling you to do. Me and the kids were able to go into Teen Missions every day and be with the team. 

Team Members

We feel like each of the team members, impacted us in different ways. 

-Sidney was a prime example that God has perfect -timing, and that every animal is catchable. 

-Jayden taught us to never give up; just like he didn’t -on his memory verses. 

-Kenneth’s constant smile and warm greeting was -always a lovely and needed encouragement. 

-Ariana was a beacon of perseverance, even when -she was down. 

-Alayna made everyone laugh, especially when it -came to tying shoes. 

-Andrea showed how God’s love is protective, in the -way she loved her sister. 

-Brianna was overflowing with generosity. She always -made sure no one went without. 

-Juliana showed natural leadership ability with how -she treated others, and led by example.

We pray that we were able to impact these Preteens as much as they impacted us!

Thank You!

After the summer, we spent time in Ohio on an extended deputation, telling people about the summer, and trying to raise more monthly support. We still don’t have 100% monthly support, so keep praying that God would continue to provide. We thank you for your continued support. None of this would be possible without people like you praying and giving faithfully! 

In Christ, 

The Casper’s

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