T ravel to one of the most spectacular islands in the world where you will experience 20 hours of daylight every day! Majestic mountains, active volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls, geysers, black-sand beaches, the North Atlantic Sea and vast glaciers all offer a stunning picture of Iceland—”the land of fire and ice”.

Missions trip to Iceland

Dates: June 13 – August 7, 2020
Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)
Work & Evangelism Team

Travel: Following your two weeks of training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight to New York before arriving in Reykjavik, home of the northernmost capital of the world. As you travel by bus 10 hours through the lush countryside, have your camera ready to capture the beautiful and diverse scenery of waterfalls, mountains, rugged cliffs, rushing rivers and lots of sheep. Your first destination will be in the city of Egilsstadir where YWAM has a base and guesthouse.

Boat ride in Iceland

Ministry: While at the 5,000 acre YWAM base in Egilsstadir, your team will spend two weeks beginning construction of a cabin and making nature paths around the area. There will be opportunities to share the love of Christ through your presentations of music, puppets and dramas in the local churches. Following your time in Egilsstadir, you will bus another 10 hours to Hvollsvollur, where the Christian Conference Center at Kirkulaekjarkot is located. While at the conference center, you will help prepare for their annual Family Camp and then assist with cooking, cleaning and assisting in the children and teen programs.

Adventure: While at your project sites, you will enjoy hiking in the nearby areas of forests, mountains and streams. While traveling to your project sites, there will be opportunities to see a waterfall, a glacier and the North Atlantic Sea. Before leaving Iceland, you will visit the famous Blue Lagoon, one of the 25 “Wonders Of The World”. where you will experience a geo-thermal spa. 

Project Expense: $4390 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


2020 Missions Trip List

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