Nelson & Maggie Chimbila Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Wall in front of our base

Is there anything too hard for the LORD​?

Greetings in Jesus name our LORD.

The LORD has been good and He is on our side. Now we made seven years here in Uganda. In our seven years while we have been here in Uganda, the Lord gave us grace to start the Bible Missionary & Work training center.

Right now we are on holiday till September 16th. Currently, we have 25 students in our BMW and they come from Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

This year we were blessed with the American team which was a foot washing team. The team gave out over 1000 shoes to our orphans including orphans from Congo.

Here in our Bible school we train our students in the word of God through having personal devotions and studying Bible classes. We also train them in work projects like agriculture, construction and keeping animals.

The Jinja base staff

This year we are blessed by the visit of the Maher’s; they have encouraged, advised and helped us. While they were here they called for a board meeting and it went well. They also had to meet with all staff members and the following day they had a meeting with the facilitators.

This year we are scheduled to run two Boot Camps here in Uganda. We are going to run one Boot camp here at Jinja base and another one in Koboko in West Nile and at this base we get team members from Congo and South Sudan also.

I [Maggie Chimbila] would like to share what I do on a daily basis. I teach in our Bible school, I train the students in different skills when it’s the time for Mission II class. I also teach women in our neighborhood some sewing classes.

About my family:

I would like to share about family. We have three children so far; two girls and one boy. The first born is called Promise Chimbila–she is 10 years old and she is in fifth grade. The second born is called Praise Chimbila–he is 8 years old and he is in the third grade. Our third born is called Precious Chimbila–she is 4 years old and she is in middle class.

Our family

Our children were schooling in town but because it was becoming expensive for us to pay for them. We have now brought them to a nearby school which is a little bit cheaper, but we need some sponsorship towards their education. We are looking for 100 people each to contribute $15.00 USD per year towards the education for our three children.

Thank you very much for all you do.

Nelson, Maggie, Promise, Praise and Precious Chimbila

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