Steve & Gay Petersen Newsletter (Fall 2019)

Dear Friends and Family,

Well Drilling/Soccer Team to Zambia

After nearly a week of travel, our team of 15 guys and five gals, along with two assistant leaders, was finally bouncing down the last dusty road to our remote project site overlooking Lake Mweru in northern Zambia. At night, we could see the lights of the Congo twinkling on the other side of the lake and we realized how many thousands still remain who need to hear the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We drilled in two separate locations on the property and in both cases we penetrated a formation that drank in our drilling fluid and stopped the circulation needed to complete our well. With sadness, we realized that this part of our project was not going to be successfully completed. In the meantime, the team worked steadily, pulling stumps and clearing a large soccer field for the neighborhood children who surrounded us every afternoon after school. Once completed, over 100 boys and girls would arrive daily to play on the new field. Daily, our team used music, drama, Bemba language stories with color picture flip charts and circle games to engage the kids and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We conducted open-air presentations including three nights of showing movies from the JESUS FILM Project. We praise the Lord for the changes we observed in the team members and for the seeds sown and souls won to the Kingdom during our time in Zambia. To God be the glory!

Other Events This Fall

Our deputation trip was cut short by hurricane Dorian. Timothy and I returned from Missouri and put plywood on the windows and weathered the storm at Teen Missions. But it mostly missed Florida and for that we are extremely thankful. Gay and Faith continued to Texas and shared at a high school retreat (thanks Smiths!) before getting together with her family in Dallas. I am teaching Synthesis at the Bible school this term and have been working on partnerships with several organizations, in addition to planning for the summer teams and overseas base projects. Gay is homeschooling the kids in the morning in addition to her work in the Personnel Dept. and as Secretary of Teen Missions Board.

Timothy & Faith Update

Timothy returned from a successful trip to Canada on the leadership development team. They were a huge help in the running of the Florida Boot Camp and completed many repairs on the camp property in Outlook, SK in preparation for the 2021 North Boot Camp. He is beginning his Senior year of school and just joined the team at a local Chick-fil-A. Faith was a member on our largest team (24 members) to Ecuador. They painted a church/school and built a second church (concrete/block building) from foundation to the roof! Praise the Lord! She is now a Freshman and is taking her first art class this year. She continues to enjoy music by playing the piano and the guitar.

Thank You!

None of the fruit in ministry you are reading about would be possible without the faithful prayers and support of God’s people. We are SO thankful for YOU!

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22 & 20 / Gal. 2:20


  • For a powerful Boot Camp with many youth trained and discipled
  • For safety and quick recovery when Steve had Malaria in Zambia
  • For the thousands who heard a clear proclamation of the Gospel from our teams around the globe
  • For those who made first-time decisions to believe on Jesus Christ


  • For renewed strength for our staff and revival in our souls
  • For the teens and leaders who served this summer, that they may continue to grow closer to the Lord
  • Wisdom as Teen Missions seeks to develop strategic partnerships
  • For more harvesters sent by the Lord as staff, volunteers & team members

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