Honduras Update

These weeks the students received their classes during normal hours, but they are still waiting to replace the class on Friday, October 25, since the teacher has not had time available to teach it.

During working time, the young people were carrying out several cleaning activities in the building; They also continued with the organization of kitchen utensils, literature and the review of the tents that will be used in the camp.

Regarding the ministry and due to certain promotional visits that have been made to several churches. Staf youth and staff traveled to the city of Marcala to promote the camp at the Pentecostal MI Church, on Saturday, November 9, then they were conducting evangelistic activities for children and adults in the central park of Marcala in conjunction with the local church, For the glory of the Lord 4 people accepted Jesus Christ as the savior of their lives, we pray your prayers for these 4 new converts and for the students and staff of the base, so that the Lord continues to form and use them for his glory.

On the other hand, the team of volunteers composed of some former students and close friends of the base, continued to make some camp promotion visits to different churches in the area.

We glorify the Lord for all that he allows us to do for his work.


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