Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Greetings Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

We hope you have had a glorious Christmas season. We invite you to join us as we eagerly share what’s new with our family. 

Brielle’s appreciation for animals has extended to pretending she is a cat—complete with crawling on all fours.  She loves to be included in family game time, though she doesn’t always understand the directions. In the Hot Potato Game, Brielle is fascinated to hold the potato and squeal and suddenly pass the potato unexpectedly. She oftentimes will hold the potato until the music goes off. Brielle also has no problem to clearly tell you when she does not want something. 

David enjoys looking at Lego magazines, being read to, especially Dr. Seuss books and writing small words, such as the and zoo on the chalkboard. He is doing exceedingly well with his sight words from school. 

After our children were given an adjustable basketball hoop for Christmas from a family in our church, Rebekah has already figured out how to almost always score a basketball in the hoop. She has also built a Lego city in her bedroom and likes to take her Lego pets to the vet and the beach for a play-cation. 

Christi continues exploring different recipes in the kitchen, enjoys relaxing by reading with our children and playing games as a family, especially Eye Found It, Mancala, Robot Face Race and Qwirkle. 

I have started building an outdoor wooden play castle with scrap wood that friends of ours were getting rid of.

Living in Central Florida, we are constantly surrounded with things to do— some of them free! One such thing we did this Christmas season was driving to Disney Springs and using Disney’s free transportation (buses, monorail and boat) to hunt the resorts for Christmas decorations. We have been so blessed with support from so many of you and as a result we were able to experience WonderWorks Orlando as a family this year for Christmas instead of spending money on gifts. Our family was exceedingly blessed with other gifts from family and church friends. At WonderWorks, we learned how brave our oldest two children were on the three-story ropes course. Brielle was too short to participate in the ropes course. We also had a blast landing a space shuttle simulator, going into the hurricane shack where we experienced 74 miles per hour winds—I can’t even fathom what anything beyond a Category 1 hurricane would feel like! We also enjoyed the Bubble Lab where we got to be inside a bubble, discovering a spacesuit and Mercury capsule and watching and participating in an interactive magic comedy dinner show. I was actually chosen as a volunteer! 

Personal Involvement

In November, Christi and Rebekah served by preparing some of the upcoming summer teams brochures being mailed out. This included tabbing brochures shut so they would not get ruined in the mail and putting postage stamps on the brochures.

Since our last letter, I was cross-trained to serve in the outdoor department where I spend most of my time. I have been taught to operate a backhoe and have had the opportunity to build and repair things needed for the ministry, as well as assisting in ground maintenance at our warm Florida headquarters. I love working outdoors where I get to experience the beauty of God’s creation and where I get to use my hands which is where I thrive.

Summer Agenda

With guidance from our ministry president and evaluating our son, specifically noting his lack of precaution, we’ve resolved to serve as base staff again this summer. Our son is making considerable improvements with specialized services he receives through the school district and we do anticipate with a bit more growth he’ll be able to withstand accompanying my wife and I on a summer team. Until then, I am confident after this last summer of serving as base support that there will be plenty to do to help keep the base operating smoothly while most of the other staff will be leading teams worldwide.

Summer Testimony

Katlyn from the Ecuador team shared, “I feel like the biggest thing God has been teaching me this summer is my identity in Christ. That this world doesn’t define who I am nor does what anyone says about me, but I am defined by God and what He says about me.” This reminds me of Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV)  which reminds us, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” 

Overseas Testimony

Baonoly’s testimony from Madagascar displays a recent example of a story quite similar to the one found in Acts 19:11-20 which we encourage you to look up. “Desperate to heal her sick daughter, she became immersed in evil spirits and became a witch doctor herself. People from all over the village would come to be “treated” by her dark medicine. One day, the staff and students from Teen Missions went out to evangelize and present a movie about Jesus’ life and sacrifice. Baonoly attended this event and decided to accept Christ into her life. She went to a local church and burnt all her medicines and now has led her family to the Lord. How the Gospel changes lives!!”

Thank you to all of you who have given prayerfully or financially making it possible for us to serve God through Teen Missions.

In Christ’s Love,

The Chaffee’s

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our family.
  • Pray for Rebekah and David to have increasing desires to learn throughout the school year.
  • Pray for David and Rebekah to persevere through school studies that they do not always enjoy.
  • Pray for David as he is seeming to take more interest in spiritual matters. He is 5 years old and we want to be able to share with him in a way he’ll understand and discern when the time is right to do so.
  • Pray for our health and safety in all we do.
  • Pray for me as my right ear no longer has tinnitus, but I have no hearing with that ear.
  • Pray for Christi and I to balance and prioritize everything we are involved with.
  • Pray for Christi as she is home-schooling Rebekah again this school year and that they would keep focused.

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