Amanda Evans Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Hey Family and Friends! 

Happy New Year!!

We are back to work from a great Christmas vacation—a time of rest and spending time with family and friends. Since being back to work, we have mailed out support packets for those who signed up during the Christmas break. We now have almost 300 registered for teams. 

Time in the Bahamas!

In October I signed up to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse in the Bahamas during Thanksgiving week, but that didn’t happen so I was put on the waiting list. In  December I finally got the call that there was an opening for me to go to Elbow Cay, Bahamas, during Christmas break, Dec. 31-Jan. 7. They told me there would be two flights out—one early morning and the other at lunch (I was put on the afternoon flight). 

So I got to spend the holidays with family and get some rest. And then I drove down on December 30 and spent time with some friends in Fort Lauderdale. The next day I drove to Fort Lauderdale Calvary Chapel, where I met some other volunteers and got picked up by the airport bus. The Samaritan’s Purse plane was a small one-engine plane that held the eight of us and the two pilots. This was the first time I was able to go to the Bahamas. It’s very beautiful, even amongst the destruction from the hurricane. We stayed at a house that a lady allowed Samaritan’s Purse to use. We had a generator, so in the evenings and mornings we were able to have power and running water. Our main job was helping a homeowner get rid of all the mold in their house. So we tore up all the walls down to the studs and put a tarp on the roof. The last day we were working on a second house and the homeowner was still getting his belongings out of his house; going through it to see what he could save or needed to throw out. When we showed up to his house in the morning, we did greetings and then prayed to start the day and the homeowner was in tears because he was so happy to see that we were there to help him. I would have loved to stay longer, but I knew vacation was over and I needed to get back. I made some great friends. I’m glad I was able to have another opportunity to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. 

Teen Missions Mud Run — Saturday May 2, 2020

We’re looking forward to hosting the Teen Missions Mud Run again.  It is a 5K Mud Run race with over 30 obstacles and lots of mud and water! Almost half of the 5K course is on dirt trails through the woods. You can register online for it, or if you don’t want to run, that’s okay…we need volunteers to help on that day as well.  The proceeds from the Mud Run go to help the orphans overseas by providing medicine, school supplies, food and various other much-needed items.  

Summer Plans!

This summer there are 16 teen teams and three preteen teams going out. As of right now, I’m going on a team, but I’m not sure which one. Before Christmas I was placed on the Malawi Preteen team, but that changed. We always say we need to be flexible and fluid.  Now I’m just waiting to see where I will be needed.  God knows! 

Thank you so much for supporting me with your prayers and finances. 


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