Linda Evans Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Grace and Peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my letter and hear about the ways I get to serve our awesome God!


In my last newsletter, I described the new position I would be starting to learn, with the investments that support our overseas bases. The person currently doing it will be retiring and it is a critical position. While it isn’t super exciting, I am always willing to do whatever is needed. Well, one of our Bible school graduates is joining staff and is interested in working with finances, so she will be learning that position instead of me. 

Where does that leave me? Right where I want to be! My time is now dedicated to the Promotions Department. This is a natural fit for me, as I love the various aspects of promotions, and I have always promoted wherever I could – YEARS before joining staff. I have quite a variety of things to work on (I love variety!). I am helping with: thousands of emails inviting people to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, volunteer recruiting for the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conventions, advertising opportunities for our annual Mud Run, searching for content for social media posts, researching regional presentation opportunities, and heading up our first Alumni Reunion for all former team members and leaders. (Read all about it on the back of this newsletter.) I also expect to be working with the volunteers at many of the homeschool conventions (ooohhh, travel!). Plus, with my extrovert personality, I really enjoy working events! 

Much of what I am doing is computer work sitting at a desk. By the afternoon, my back starts bothering me, so I recently purchased a standing desk converter – table top version, so I can stand while I work. Love it! I use it almost every day. I highly recommend it to anyone stuck at a desk all day. 

The snowbirds have come to volunteer again and the ladies are helping me, as the Puppet Coordinator, by making some new portable puppet stages and “Gospel Bags” – a tool to share the gospel using five colors.

I have now been serving the Lord full time through Teen Missions for three years. What a ride! From highly cerebral desk work to spreading mulch for our Obstacle Course and everything in between, I’ve rarely been bored. I’ve served in the hot, humid, sub-tropical jungle of Florida and the frozen Canadian prairie. (And that’s not counting serving on summer teams overseas.) I’m looking forward to what the Lord brings next!

I realize it may not seem like “missions” for me to be working in our Florida Headquarters (or Canada), but, it is because of all that we do year round here that the summer ministry with North American teens and the ministry of the overseas bases can happen. I am so grateful to all those who supply me with prayer support and financial support so that I can be a part of the worldwide ministry that happens through Teen Missions. You too are part of that ministry! Here is a report from Zambia, so you can see a bit of what happens at our other bases:

Ministry Report from Zambia

Our base in Zambia recently completed three “Boot Camps” – referring to the entire program of missions, just like the North American teens do. At the Boot Camp in Ndola, 108 teens gave their lives to the Lord at the rally on the very first night during training. Three teams went out from there and shared the Gospel with over 2000 people while traveling and at their projects. They saw hundreds of people give their lives to the Lord. At Debrief, 32 new students were accepted into our free Bible school at the Ndola base. “Many of the new students are from the Rescue Units (that Teen Missions runs in rural villages) and have grown up in the Teen Missions ministry. It is all some of them have known. All of them have reached grade 12 and most of them testify it is because Teen Missions paid for their school fees and helped make it possible.”

The Holidays

There’s not too much to say about the holidays, no big trips or long travels. I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at Mom’s and we went to my brother’s house for both holiday meals. My niece, her husband and three girls came to Mom’s a few days after Christmas, so it was Christmas all over again! I spent a lot of time with Mom, taking her shopping (she doesn’t drive), and helping clean out some stuff and building puzzles! I enjoyed spending time with a good friend at a New Year’s Eve party and came back to work a few days early—I’m saving a few days for visiting a friend later in the spring. Teen Missions built a float for two local Christmas parades and I had fun walking along with it and handing out candy. We built three Christmas trees and covered them in palm fronds (‘cause we have about a million of those on the property!). There were 16 windows, each with a singing puppet, and eight people inside puppeteering. I got to make the window curtains. Everyone along the parade route loved it and we took first place in both parades!

Random Tidbits

No word on what team I will be leading yet. Most of the time it gets changed anyway. Stay tuned!

Weight – well, I still haven’t lost any weight yet, but I am still committed to sharing my progress in each newsletter to try to maintain accountability. I am finally spending a little time with my treadmill on a regular basis, so even if the scale won’t move, I’ll still feel the benefits of regular exercise. Good health keeps many ministry opportunities available! Please keep me in your prayers!

In my last newsletter, I mentioned Alexandria and Clara living with me in my staff housing. Alex has moved back home to finish her support raising for her internship and is hoping to be ready to go soon. Clara has decided that God was calling her to our Bible school as a student rather than be staff, so she has moved onto the base property. That means I have two spare rooms for company—anyone want to visit? I really enjoyed being able to offer my space and I REALLY enjoyed getting to know them better!

Be sure to let me know what’s going on in your life and how I can be praying for you!

Blessed to Serve Him,

Linda Evans

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