Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Dear Family and Friends:

Greetings this New Year. We hope it will bring you much happiness and health. Our condition is about the same. I take my pain medications every 5-6 hours to relieve the pain in my neck—Betty likewise. She is having an epidural injection in her neck to help with the pain which is good news. After two years of treatment, the wound on her right foot has finally healed.

Betty’s 84th Birthday January 2

 Betty was given a surprise birthday party for her 84th birthday. Most of our children and grandchildren were there. I turn 89 on March 3rd, so I will hit the big 9-0 in 2021.  We also will celebrate our 70th wedding anniversary on November 11, 2021—that is our goal, God willing. Seventy years seems like a very long time to be married to a loving wife and that is what Betty is—a Proverbs 31 woman. Our marriage has been a wonderful journey full of love, excitement, joy, happiness, blessing after blessing, family and meeting many new friends. We thank God. Who would have thought that two country kids would have been used to serve Him and tell the world about Jesus, our Lord and Savior? Thank you Jesus. Many have asked how we managed it with our health. We hurt at home and we hurt overseas, so it was just a different place to hurt.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7. The New International Version says, “power, love and self-discipline”. The Holy Spirit is the caretaker of the believer’s mind.

On January 11, I was surprised when I entered the kitchen and a strong odor of gas filled the air. Our 54 year-old gas line, located under our house had sprung a leak.   I quickly called the gas company to find out what to do. When the repairman found the leak and shut off the gas, he told me that as soon as the repairs were made, the gas company would turn the gas back on. It took six days. We had to have 40’ of new gas line installed through the attic, along with two manual shut-off valves. Six days without a hot shower was the worst. The bill was over $600, so that wasn’t so bad. 

I keep busy taking care of Betty. I have learned to bake bread, cookies and make applesauce! I also planted a small garden. One of the potato plants is four feet high and has 12 tomatoes the size of baseballs. I have learned the art of cooking, washing and cleaning our home. We are also removing stuff that we don’t need anymore. 

I still serve on the Teen Missions Board and share in the morning chapel sometimes. I also paint some and am loving and spoiling our great grandchildren, as well as grandchildren who are a gift from God. I read where 85% of grandparents are connected to their grandchildren. When Betty and I were serving in the Ukraine, a man told me if it wasn’t for grandparents, he would not have learned about God. They had a lot of respect. As the Bible teaches us grandparents, it is our responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren. Betty and I are trying our best.

The  summer missions trips for Teen Missions are filling up and we are grateful that young people still desire to serve the Lord.  Teen Missions will be hosting their annual Mud Run on May 2.  We are trusting that the turnout will be good and that many in our community will learn of the ministries of Teen Missions.  

To all of you, thanks for your prayers and love. It means so much to us. Our family and friends are our treasurers, not silver or gold.


Bob and Betty 

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