Chico & Kathy Chicas Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Change!! It looks like, no matter where you live or what your age, change is happening all the time! That is how it has been for our family, as well as for the ministry in Honduras.

The Chicas family

Motivation to do well in school!

So, since August of 2019, we have been living in Florida, fulfilling the requirement to live one year in the U.S. before applying for Chico’s citizenship. It has been different, but good. Chico is working at the Teen Missions headquarters and volunteering a couple hours a week at a local church’s House of Hope (a homeless feeding ministry). I am homeschooling Abi and Joel and taking care of the household affairs. A highlight for us has been going to the Kennedy Space Center, just five minutes from our house, and listening to the astronauts talk about their experiences in space!

We may be living closer to Daniel now than when we were in Honduras, but Pensacola is still seven hours away—”straight driving”—a trip that took us nine and a half hours with stops when we were able to visit there in November! Even though we were very happy to see him, we probably won’t be making that trip very often! Daniel spent half of his Christmas break in Oregon with us, and then he had the opportunity to spend the second half in Chicago looking at—some possibilities for future medical internships. He is doing well in his third year at PCC, but please keep praying for him because the classes aren’t getting any easier!

Visiting Daniel in November

After Samuel worked in Florida in September, he returned to Honduras. In October, November, and half of December, he traveled all over Honduras speaking in many churches promoting Boot Camp. He did an amazing job, but he says that God did it all! We know that God was with him and protected him in all of his travels. Samuel reported that many Honduran pastors, who had never heard of Teen Missions, were very excited to learn of the opportunities for their youth! On December 15, the Leader Training Seminar began, and Samuel was one of 24 leaders at the Santa Cruz base trained to lead the Honduran teams. After their project time was over at the end of January, Samuel traveled to another country to attend a training seminar about evangelizing Muslims before returning to the U.S. at the end of February.

Boot Camp in Honduras

2019-2020 Santa Cruz Boot Camp

On December 27 the Honduras Boot Camp began, and praise the Lord, a whole army of young people arrived! There were 49 team members at the Santa Cruz base and 33 team members plus seven leaders at the La Mosquitia base, for a total of 110!! Because God sent so many wonderful staff and volunteers, everyone made it through Boot Camp! They were divided into eight teams that left on January 8th, 2020, heading out to different parts of Honduras to do their projects. Two teams are doing construction while the rest are purely evangelistic. One group is a backpack team, one is a bicycle team, and one is even going out on the boats in La Mosquitia!

Christmas in Oregon

Once again, we are very thankful that we could go to Oregon to share the holidays with friends and family! We were able to visit my mom and dad several times and my oldest brother and my sister, along with her husband and daughter, who are staying there now helping to care for my mom. Her health has been going downhill, so we are so very thankful that they are helping her out at this time.

Before going to Oregon this time, Abi asked God to let her see snow falling because we had gone up to the mountains before so that the kids could play in the snow, but she had never seen it actually falling. So, lo and behold, not one, but two different days, she got to see the beautiful flakes falling from the sky! It barely even stuck to the ground, but we were able to see God answering her prayer!!

In January, we shared ministry and family updates with Sunday school classes at church, and we ended our time with a wonderful prayer service. We are so blessed that so many wonderful people are our friends and partners in ministry! Thank you to each and every one for your faithful prayers, for financial support, and for having us in your homes. We pray that God continues to bless you as you have blessed us!

Much love in Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, Abi, and Joel Chicas

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