Cierra BMWTC Reporting from Cambodia

Cierra is a Florida BMWTC Graduate and is currently serving her internship at Teen Missions’ base in Cambodia. To learn more on how you can receive affordable Bible, Missionary & Work Training in preparation for a lifetime of full-time service for the Lord contact our BMW Coordinator at [email protected]

Outstanding Activity: We all were so greatly encouraged by the many beautiful chidren of God who came to visit us in Kompong Chanang. The coordinators from India, Indonisia, Mongolia, Philipines, and Sarah and Mrs Pat left us with hearts refreshed and full of encouragement, vision, God’s love, and inspiration. We are forever grateful.

I got to go to the market with Sister and hang out for four hours, while she did something there. I made aquantance with a 11 year olf whose mom told me she wants to learn english but does not have the money to continue school. She studies on her phone when she finds youtube videos on English. THe girl has already learned fruits, and some basic phrases. As we sat in their shop the little girl taught me some Khmer and learned some more English. I had the privalege of teaching her the words eyes, mouth, ears, head, horse, fly, to eat, to drink, I have, I want, and Do you want. She remembered most of them before I left! i learned how to spell ែភក(eyes) សក់(hair) ត់(mouth) នឹងចុត់(and nose).After we finished she had given me a scarf and we watched cartoons for a little bit.

I also was blessed to talk with a lady who is having her first child and her husband is working in another state. We talked about drinking beer and doing drugs and I told her how Gods love has given me love so I do not want to do those things anymore. (a small bit of my testimony) and then I gave her a Khmer tract. and had a couple more oppurtunitites to share God’s hope with people. I pray it will make a difference in their lives forever and the seeds will grow into big fruitful trees!

Also, all glory to God, because all of these encounters were all in the Khmer language so I thank God so much and give him all the glory for the understanding and teaching about learning the Khmer language! The students here have been a big blessing in this as they are great teachers and love to talk. I am so grateful for all of them.

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