Jon Barber Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Dear Friends, 

I have made the move to Florida and have joined the staff at Teen Mission International. I am working on the Land Crew where I help take care of the property, trimming palm trees and mowing. Doing general maintenance on the buildings and cleaning up the property are also part of my job description. We recently poured a concrete sidewalk behind the training kitchen and the Boot Camp kitchen and painted Jacob’s Ladder (part of our Boot Camp Obstacle Course). I also help out in the mechanic shop making repairs to the skid loader and other machinery, vehicles and motorcycles.

We just installed new carpet in the Finance Department and will be installing carpet in the Graphics Department next. We will also be installing all new doors and windows in the office building at Teen Missions this week.

I’ve been working on a few other projects as well. A new fence has been put up around the Bone Yard—an area where old equipment and junk is put when no one knows what to do with it. I also cleaned up the Welding Shop where we had a lot of small pieces of everything laying around. We have filled a couple dumpsters with scrap metal. Soon we will have new racks to put our metal on and hopefully keep the area clean. 

We are thankful for our winter volunteers. They have been cleaning and organizing the Tool Room for us. They also work on getting our lawn mowers running again. They are a great help and really nice guys.

My newest assignment is to help with the Teen Missions Mud Run—a 5K run with 32 obstacles which takes place the first weekend of May. It’s known as one of Florida’s best 5K’s. Our regulars love the actual jungle they run through and the unique obstacles. All profits from the Mud Run are sent overseas to purchase medical supplies for the 33 Rescue Units we have worldwide. If you are interested in running, visit our website: or if you would like to volunteer contact TMI at 321-453-0350 and ask for Linda Maher. 

I have been scheduled to lead the Brazil team this summer. This will be my fourth time to lead with Teen Missions. Our project is to build a church from the ground up in a remote area.  Please pray that God would give me and the other leaders wisdom through the summer and for spiritual growth and safety for the team members. Another reason I am looking forward to Brazil is because I know the missionary. I went to Brazil several years ago with my parents where we started a church building in Icoraci, so it will be nice to see David and Conce again.

I got to spend this Christmas break with my family in Ohio. It was great to see the whole family together since we only get to do it once a year. I also had a chance to see some friends I haven’t seen for a few months.

I do need to take time to let you know that I need to raise additional support. I came with the minimum support pledged to join staff. A couple supporters have not been able to send what they had hoped so my finances are very tight right now.  If you are able to help with my support in any amount it would be appreciated. I have had people say that they could only give $10 a month so it isn’t worth sending. This is not true…everything helps. I am also looking for prayer partners. Please pray for me and the others serving here at Teen Missions.  

In Christ,

Jon Barber

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