Tanner & Anna Besosa Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Hello Friends & Family!

We are very excited to be writing you our first update of the year! We pray that the Lord has blessed you through the season of advent and of reflection. 

We are entering our busy season here at Teen Missions. The fall time is a great period of looking back on the summer ministry and finding ways to improve for the future. The staff here were busy setting up all of the pieces for 2020 summer ministry. As we enter into the spring, things pick up pace as more team members, leaders, and volunteers sign up. Bible studies are being evaluated, money is being processed, and overall, people are getting excited for what the Lord has planned in the next few months. 


Tanner has been busy working on several different projects recently. His main focus as usual has been on the Bible school. This term he is teaching the Doctrine class, focusing on the doctrine of Salvation. He has been working on reaching out to former team members from previous summers to share about the opportunities that the Bible school has to offer. 

His most recent shift of focus has been to the Teen Missions Mud Run! Tanner and another staff member, Jon, are in charge of this event. It will take place on May 2nd on our property here in Merritt Island. Hundreds of people come out to run the 5K or 3K course. We make sure the obstacles are enjoyable, challenging, and most importantly, muddy! There are a lot of little jobs that make up this huge event and each year Tanner learns more and more about what needs to be done. His favorite part is working with Frank, our gator guy. Frank comes out to help make sure that the waters on our property are safe and he has spent a considerable amount of time with Tanner teaching about the wildlife of our area. 


I continue to work in the Finance Department. Starting in the fall I began training two of the students in the department—that task has been a new challenging experience. It is one thing to be able to do something on your own, it becomes really unique when you try to teach those same skills to someone new. The students were very good learners and have been a huge blessing to the department. My biggest jobs are to process all of the donations that come into the ministry and to prepare payroll for the U.S. staff at the end of the month. God has been faithful in equipping me in this position and growing those abilities even still. 

We would also like to share with you some things that have been going on with my health. We recently went to our first appointment with a fertility doctor concerning multiple miscarriages. They will be running several tests in the future and the doctor was very positive about future treatment plans. This was really an encouragement to us. We are so thankful to the Lord for doctors and tests and answers, but we also want to continue to remember that God is our healer. We want to ask that through this process you would be praying for this specifically. That there would not be fear or worry in our hearts, but that through God’s promises we would have peace no matter the outcome. 

College & Career

We have shared before about the opportunity we have to lead the young adult ministry at our church. Beginning this month we are starting to meet twice a month, as well as beginning a new study on discipleship! Tanner and I are looking forward to sharing about something that is really close to our hearts and that is seen commanded of us in Scripture in the Great Commission. Please pray that through this study, that the young people would be bold in the name of Jesus and that as those relationships are made people would come to know Jesus more and more. 

Home School Conference

This year Teen Missions has the opportunity once again to attend all of the Teach Them Diligently Home School Conventions. Tanner and the students will be traveling to three of the locations this year to assist with the child-care program. Each will be given a group of children to lead during the day though games, songs, and studying the Word. These conferences are a great opportunity for TMI to reach Christian young people interested in mission work. Not only will the ministry have a booth to hand out information, but being in charge of the teen and child-care programs allows us to share with kids one-on-one about our passion to see people reached with the Gospel. Please pray for safety and that God would be glorified through those programs. 

If you would be interested in volunteering with TMI at one of these events, check out our website to see if there is a conference near you! 

Summer Team

Woohoo! As we have stated before, the very best part of our job is the summer ministry. We are so grateful to be used by God in this way and pray that each year we would become more like Him in our leadership. This year we will be going to Myanmar! Teen Missions has a base and Bible School in this country and after years of hearing about the work, we are looking forward to experiencing it first hand. Our team will be spending two weeks helping to complete a building that will be used for students that are studying the Bible, then we will move to an orphanage for our last two weeks to help with repairs. We are praying that through this trip those we are working with would be blessed by the team, but also that the teenagers on the team would encounter Jesus in amazing ways!

We want to thank you all for your continued support of our ministry with Teen Missions. Your prayers are so very important to us! In the midst of all the awesome things that we get to do and be a part of, there are a lot of difficult days. We know that your prayers impact our lives more than we could ever know. Thank you for that. We pray that through this update you would be encouraged about what God is doing through TMI in Florida and around the world.


Tanner & Anna

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