Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Winter 2020)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were filled with joy and family. We spent ours at home this year. We skyped with Todd’s parents on Christmas day as the kids opened their gifts from them, and the kids opened gifts again from the us and my parents on January 6th (Epiphany). It was a very relaxed holiday for us which was a blessing.

Some Updates

The group that came in September to work on the camp did a great job! They dug power lines, built a beautiful door on the chapel and a patio by the bathroom. The patio on the bathrooms makes it look like a whole new building. They did all this and more in one short week! We are very grateful that they were willing to come and for all the work that they accomplished while they were here.

However, even with all the work they were able to do, there will not be a Boot Camp this year in Canada. There is more work to be done at the camp and quite a bit of promotions necessary to make a Boot Camp successful, and Todd is not able to complete it all in time for this year. The hope of a Boot Camp is not lost and we will continue to make progress toward that goal. We will also definitely let you know when we know more.

Right now Camp Outlook is boarded up and resting for the winter. In the summer there is still hope of a teen work group and possibly a Teen Missions team. But for now, Todd has been  working on determining how big the property extends (which is bigger than we thought), obtaining permits, and setting up security cameras at the camp. The behind-the-scenes work is keeping him occupied.

The Home Front

At home we are gearing up for school, but only for a little bit. Christmas was fun, but it has to end. For us it ends the day after Epiphany. The kids were very disappointed when I told them the Christmas tree had to be packed up, but they had fun helping put everything away. We will be in school for about seven weeks before taking off school for at least a month. And the reason we are taking off school is because the teacher will be occupied with a newborn. We are expecting the birth of our fifth child in the beginning of March.

Door on the Chapel

Everything is going well with the pregnancy—it is blessedly uneventful. We are starting to get everything ready, but do not expect an arrival until March. None of the other kids came even remotely early. We are simply moving along and doing what we can now and waiting for the new change in our world.

Other news on the home front—on the 24th of November, Phillip became a 4 year old and on the 22nd of January, I passed my drivers test! I don’t like driving, but I can drive now. And that means next month, which can be the coldest month of the year, I can get out of the house.

This winter has been a bit rough on our finances. We had a crack in our front windshield that started to grow with the winter weather which meant a whole new windshield. And unfortunately, about a month after we got a new windshield, we got another large crack in the windshield from a rock which means we have to replace it again. We are currently watching the crack grow and hoping to wait until spring at least. Other large expenses included new winter tires and some computer repairs. The beginning of January, the kids spilled water on the computer during a skype call with my parents. Thankfully, the water damage did not affect the data on the computer, but it did affect the keyboard and battery.

Again we hope your holidays went well and that you are back into a good routine after a your break!


~Todd & Rosemary
+Shemar, Kara, Phillip, Timothy, Baby J (due March)


  • For a healthy pregnancy
  • The work that was accomplished on Camp Outlook
  • A chance to rest over Christmas


  • A good delivery of Baby J
  • Progress in school for the kids
  • For Todd to be able to get the work he needs to done and ready for the next team coming this summer.

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