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The summer of 2020 is now upon us and for the first time in 50 years of ministry, Teen Missions is not sending out summer missionary teams. 

That doesn’t mean that we have stopped being missionaries and we don’t think it should stop you either! In Acts 1:8 Jesus challenges His disciples to be His witnesses both at home and around the world. It is from this passion for evangelism and discipleship that we are excited to launch the #MissionHere campaign.

(Note: We encourage you to adhere to local guidelines as your state ‘reopens’ during this time)

WHAT IS #MissionHere?

The #MissionHere campaign is an online community specifically designed to help teens kick start their missional involvement locally. Participants in this campaign will have the following opportunities:

  • Join an online community comprised of like-minded missional interested teens 
  • Receive a free t-shirt and evangelism resource pack
  • Attend a weekly video call where you interact with other members of the group as well as missionaries who have ministered around the world
  • Be entered to win prizes through online participation in weekly contests 
  • Be encouraged and coached by Teen Missions staff in your personal walk with God
  • Access to weekly equipping videos
  • Share your story as you respond to the #MissionHere Challenge of the Week  
  • Be assured that all group facilitators will be Teen Missions staff or leaders trained & certified by Ministry Safe.


Participants must agree to the following requirements by submitting the online form on this page which verifies the following:


If you are a teenager between the ages of 13-17:

  • JOIN THE CAMPAIGN! With your parents approval, click and fill out the listed above.
  • INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN! Participation on a summer team with us isn’t required. You simply need to have a heart for the Lord and an interest in missions.

If you’re NOT a teenager: 

PARENTS: Share this website with your church, youth pastor or teen. Let them know that participation is FREE, FUN and EFFECTIVE.
FORMER TEAM MEMBERS/LEADERS/SENDERS: Help get the word out. You can do this by simply sharing this page to your social media accounts or go onto the Teen Missions Facebook page and share the #MissionHere Campaign announcement. 


The #MissionHere campaign starts on June 15th and concludes on July 31st. 

While participants can join at any time, why wait for the fun to begin? Fill out the online form listed above and we will get your resource pack in the mail to you!

From all of us here at Teen Missions, we want you to know that we deeply value the work that God is doing in your life. Specifically, we believe that God has begun a good work in you and He will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks so much for prayerfully considering partnering with us as we seek to advance the kingdom of God through the #MissionHere Campaign!

Email questions to: [email protected]


  1. I was part of the Dial-A-Teen team in 1978 in Seattle. Teen Missions was one of the most valuable experiences, not just of my teen years, but of my life. It was foundational for me for my personal relationship with the Lord, for my ministry, and for my life. Four of my five children participated on multiple Teen Missions teams, and I hope that my grandchildren will have this same opportunity. You all ROCK!

  2. I were in TMI on 2002 on Uganda East Africa on Ssesee Boat team, this was and is still a memorable, transformational moment of my life with an impacted life to impact the community with the Love of Christ And the power of Salvation.

  3. Guatemala Team ‘89
    One of the best summers of my life. I’m thankful for the leaders (Bob & Camille Haddock) we had that set Christlike examples for the team members
    I will always be thankful for the opportunity I had to be part of teen missions that summer.

  4. I was in TMI for 3 summers in the 1970’s . 2 of the summers were DIAL A TEEN. This really set the course of my life. I became a Social Worker psychotherapist with a specialty in crisis. Decades later I am grateful for my TMI experience. Praise the Lord!

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