Debrief… Preparing to Return Home

Learning how to Share your Summer

Just as it is important to train youth at Boot Camp for their mission trip experience, it is equally important to train them to go home after a summer of missionary service for the Lord. Several teams gather for four to five days of blessing and fellowship, renewing friendships made at Boot Camp. There are sessions on how to come down from a spiritually high mountain and how to get involved in the local church and youth groups at home. There are classes on how to share about your summer missions trip with tips on arranging a multi-media presentation. Each team will report what God has done during their exciting summer of service. There will be one day for sightseeing and shopping. Team involvement requires that all team members sign a statement that they will stay through the duration of Debrief. Exceptions for leaving prior to completion are not made, even for college students. It would be best not to sign up for a summer missions trip if you are unable to stay for the total dates listed in the brochure. SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS FOR LEAVING EARLY! Florida “Beach In” Debrief Complete your summer mission trip experience where it all began, with Debrief at the Teen Missions Conference Center. Housing and all classes will be held in the air-conditioned Teen Missions Conference Center facilities. Delicious meals will be prepared by staff and volunteers and will include UFOs (unidentified floating objects) in your drinks—ICE!

One afternoon the entire Debrief will go to Cocoa Beach, where you will be able to walk on the sandy beaches, lay in the sun, swim and enjoy a picnic. There will also be time to shop at the world-famous Ron Jon Surf Shop™ in Cocoa Beach. There will be time to renew friendships made at Boot Camp as you share your summer experiences with one another. Classes on how to share your summer at home and presentations from each team will prepare you to say goodbye to your team. One advantage to Debriefing in Florida is: you can leave clean clothes behind for when you come back! After Debrief, Teen Missions provides transportation to the Orlando International Airport. Book your transportation home arrangements between 9 AM and 3 PM from the Orlando International Airport on your “Go Home” day.

Florida Teen Debrief Banquet
Florida Teen Debrief Banquet
Cocoa Beach


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