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If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime this is what you are looking for. This is not a ministry for the faint of heart as conditions are rugged—sleeping in tents in a rural bush area, bathing using a bucket, outhouses and no electricity, phones or e-mail. Although the conditions are challenging, the rewards are abundant. These orphans with their tattered clothes and cheerful smiles will engrave a lasting image on your heart.   Please prayerfully consider one of the following adult mission trips. (Note: Below is a sample of last year’s teams… Upcoming winter/spring adult trips will be posted in July!)

Adult Missions Trips

2018 Adult Missions Trips
Malawi Orphan Care (Jan 21 - Feb 8, 2018)Malawi MapMalawi Orphan Care
Current Adult Mission Trips are listed above. Check back often for new adult trips to new destinations.



Projects vary from country to country and are based on need. Please read each mission trips’ copy carefully in order to understand what would be required of you should you choose that particular team. There will be ample opportunities to share the Gospel and to love and interact with the children. You will also have the opportunity to visit a local church and school.


Dates vary according to location and the availability of the country coordinator to facilitate a team. The dates listed in the brochure include your TOTAL time of involvement. The first date listed is the day you are to arrive in Merritt Island, FL. The last date is the day you will arrive back in the United States. Each team will have a full day of specialized training with the Teen Missions staff before leaving for the field. NOTE: All project expense fees are based on October airline costs and may increase due to rising fuel prices. If the mission trip team does not fill to 10 there will be an added fee due to airline penalties for decreased group rates.


Your personal allowance will be 50 pounds; we will also assign a 50-pound bag of ministry provisions to you. You will be supplied with a duffle bag and you will transfer your personal belongings to it during your pack out time. You will also be supplied with a carry-on bag.


  • Travel arrangements and expenses to and from Merritt Island, FL. Termination points will be different for each team.
  • Obtaining a valid Passport and relevant visa. Passports must be valid for a period of at least six months following your return to North America. A visa application form will be forwarded to you upon receipt of your registration form, fee, and photo. Passport and visa fees are your responsibility.
  • Seeking medical advice and covering the expense of necessary immunizations and medication.
  • Departure taxes (specifics for each team will follow upon registration).
  • Personal spending money.

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  1. Are you planning adult teams for 2018?

  2. Any word on new upcoming adult trips?

  3. Brigithe Sánchez

    Estimada Beth, es un gusto escribirle. Supe que algún tiempo trabajaron en mi país Perú, realizando campamentos en el interior. Deseo saber si aún lo siguen haciendo, puesto que me gustaría participar de alguna forma, y saber cómo podría hacerlo, somos un pequeño grupo de cristianos que tiene como autoridad máxima al Señor y su palabra y deseamos saber que requisitos se requieren para participar y trabajar para el Señor a través de ustedes también, una de nosotros estuvo en el campamento de Tren Mission en el año 1986 y su fe es inquebrantable! Y todos contamos con los fundamentos de la fe. Esperaremos saber más de ustedes. Bendiciones !!

  4. Do you have senior mission trips in the US?

  5. I am Sampath from India , I want come to your place,to do Ministry ,but some finical problem, please give a shelter and food , I want training in your Mission and then I am a soldier of God , give me opportunity ,glory to God
    your Sampath India ,+91 9618740492

  6. My husband grew up in missions and has had pull on his heart to get back in the field. He really wants to be part of a work team as he has a very wide range of construction skills. He had been discouraged by many other missions group offering as they seem to focus more on sightseeing than ministry and work.

    I went with TMI twice and our daughter has been part of 4 groups. We have seen TMI good work and believe in it. We see the 2 adult trips you had have passed for this year. Will you be planning any more for this year?

    • Sarah, Yes, we will have more adult trips next summer. Would he be interested in leading this summer? If so, please have him call the office!

  7. Malawi Adult Trip April 2017

  8. I want to go on the Madagascar motorcycle mission so badly, is that one going to be available this upcoming summer for adults? And if not can I go on the teen mission if I am 19 now but am going to be 20 when the mission would ship out?

  9. paul muyenga kopi

    its very nice to have teens to travel good work ladies and gents , but when a you coming to Kenya

  10. Olá, qual o custo e o período de uma viagem adulto. Aguardo informações.

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