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Our rugged 250-acre training facility in Merritt Island, FL, is not “pamper camp”. This two-week primitive camp (modified in length for Preteens, (ages 10 – 12)), acquaints youth and their leaders with realistic conditions of the mission field. Young missionaries learn teamwork and unity on the daily timed Obstacle Course and experiences each training activity as a team. Classes in Bible, drama, music, basic construction, evangelism, spiritual and practical survival skills, and music are required. Specialty teams receive focused instruction including choir, clowning, motorcycle, video/film, backpacking and TESL (Teaching English as Second Language). Trained adult leaders maintain strong discipline at Boot Camp and on the field. Boot Camp climaxes with a candlelight Commissioning Service under the Big Top, when youth and leaders depart for their particular projects. Read on to learn about Boot Camp Obstacle Course details, Debrief and raising support for your missions trip!

Obstacle Course Descriptions

Each aspect of Boot Camp training is designed to develop character traits necessary to handle the rigors and challenges of missionary life. Each obstacle course develops and tests a team’s ability to follow instructions, work within boundaries, and cooperate as a cohesive unit lifting up any member who might struggle or become discouraged.


The ‘granddaddy’ of them all… This course requires teamwork, endurance, and courage. Team members learn to rely on the Lord for strength and to lift up their fellow team member to achieve a common goal. They also learn that one member who oversteps a boundary can adversely affect the entire team. Featured obstacles include the Children of Israel’s Luggage (stacking the 66 books of the Bible written on wooden boxes), Mount Sinai (scaling a tire mountain), Slough of Despond (rope swing over a moat), the Maze, Jacob’s Ladder (scaling a 30’ cargo net), and the Wall . *NOTE: Preteens use the Moses Obstacle Course with some changes in rules and procedure.

JONAH (aka Water OC)

Seafarers Rejoice! You have not been forgotten! The classic obstacles (luggage, slough, tunnel, ladder, and wall) return in watery form. A refreshing seascape cools each team as they navigate this course. You’ll do swimmingly!  


The Obstacle Course is an activity that emphasizes teamwork. Some of the obstacles include climbing over a pile of tires, swinging over a canal, maneuvering through a life-sized maze, climbing a 30-foot rope ladder and scaling a 12-foot wall. All the obstacles are based on Biblical themes. Hint: learn the Beatitudes, the Ten Plagues, the Ten Commandments and the names of the 12 disciples!


Debrief, held at the end of each summer project, equips young people to return to their homes and churches, putting into practice the things God has taught them throughout the summer. Boot Camp and Debrief are essential aspects of Teen Missions training. All teens and adults involved in summer trips are required to participate for the entire length of Boot Camp, the project, and Debrief.


Since you are going to be a summer missionary you can ask for and receive contributions on behalf of your team assignment. Upon receipt of your registration form, registration fee, and photo, a Teen Missions team packet will be mailed to you. No support packets will be provided after June 1st. The support packet will include prayer cards with your picture, name, and address, as well as copies of a printed letter to mail to friends, relatives, church people, youth groups, etc. The letter states that you have been accepted by Teen Missions for a mission trip assignment and asks your friends to help you cover the assignment expense as a teen missionary by contributing $25 per month for four months. It takes 20-50 contributors (depending on the mission trip expense) to cover the cost. Some youth groups or churches might individually cover the expense of the ministry assignment for a teen missionary. Trusting the Lord and seeing Him provide the money for the project can be a great spiritual blessing and faith-building experience. ALL MONEY IS DONATED SOLELY TO TEEN MISSIONS. FINANCIAL DISBURSEMENT IS AT THE DISCRETION OF TEEN MISSIONS FOR MISSION WORK AND EVANGELISTIC PROJECTS. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN THE EVENT A TEEN DOES NOT GO. Total contributions for your mission trip involvement are due May 15. If registering AFTER APRIL 1, total contributions are due on Boot Camp Registration Day.


Teen Missions qualifies for matching gifts from many U.S. corporations. Participating corporations will match a donation given by an employee to a tax-deductible organization. Donors should request a Matching Gift form from their employer and submit it along with their donation to Teen Missions.


Contributions are tax deductible in the U.S. and Canada when handled as follows: checks or money orders must be made payable to TEEN MISSIONS. Tax-deductible contributions donated to Teen Missions are not refundable or transferable according to U.S. and Canada tax regulations. Receipts are mailed at the end of the year. In the event a team member raises contributions in excess of the project assignment expense or decides not to go and cancels, the money is utilized in one of the many missionary endeavors such as food, clothing, housing, AIDS orphans ministry, gospel literature publications, youth work, or other Teen Missions Christian ministries. Teen Missions is audited annually by independent certified public accountants. The audit is submitted to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Revenue Canada.


The mission trip cost includes food, lodging, some surface travel in Canada and the U.S., team airfare, surface travel in foreign countries, printing of support packet and prayer cards, tents, administration, Boot Camp training, team/Debrief setup, items given to you during Boot Camp registration and recruitment/advertising. The mission trip cost also includes an amount that enables Teen Missions to cover the cost for a third world teen so he/she can serve on a Teen Missions team in his/her own country. On teen work teams, $200 per person is used to purchase building materials ($100 for preteen) for the mission project.


The team cost does not include personal expenses such as:

  1. Transportation to Boot Camp
  2. Personal items, postage for letters and medical expenses
  3. Spending and souvenir money
  4. Passport, visa applications, and required deposits
  5. Transportation home from mission trip termination point


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    1. i was on a team 2 years ago and you can use any type of boot but you need to make sure it is leather and it goes 6 to 8 in over your ankle and cow girl boot would work but i wouldn’t recommend them

    1. Sierra, We will call you before doing the final booking of the airline tickets. At that point, you have to definitely commit. If you don’t think you will have the needed support, you would need to switch to a cheaper team.

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