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Missions Trip to Nicaragua

Missions Trip to Nicaragua

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  1. Do I need to pay when I register? Or can I later on? I want to register at the end of the week after we’ve decided which trip to go on but I don’t have the money right now and we’re going to fundraise a lot of it. Thank you.



  3. Hello, I want to send my son on a trip to Africa but I’m concerned about the saftey. Has anyone ever died on a teen missions trip? There’s lots of saftey warnings for Africa so how do you keep them out of danger? Can you ensure that he will be okay?

    • Jennifer, This is more of a faith-stretching experience for the parents and kids. God is always in control. I understand your concern – my daughter went to Africa at the age of 11 and it changed her life. However, I wonder if they are much “safer” there than here in the US.

  4. Annamiguelplus3

    Hi Beth,
    Quick question,
    Are they doing rallies or any thing like them at Debrief? Will they stream them online like Boot Camp?
    Thanks so much!

  5. Are the trips co Ed, if so what will the interaction be like between the genders? As well what is there for a dress code whilst on a trip?

    • Hope, Yes, they are coed. And yes, they interact, but there is a “no pairing off” policy. And yes, there is a dress code.

  6. I forgot to mention that I was also wondering how long I have to sign her up if she were to go on a trip for the summer of 2018. When is the deadline for signup? Thank you.

  7. Hi I am hoping to send my daughter on a trip one year, her father did one when he was a child. Her father has since passed and our family does not attend church or identify as Christian. Although my daughter is conflicted with her religious views. Would she still be able to attend a trip, even though her knowledge of Christ and Christianity is limited?

  8. Am I able to receive a copy of the daily boot camp itinerary from registration to departure (roughly 2 weeks)? If I recall correctly from ’91 Holland, we got up at 5:30am or 6am to hit the breakfast line and then it was lights out at 9pm? Just would like that information to review with my son for his trip this year.

    • Peter, The schedule will be posted on our website once it is completed.

      • Beth,
        Do you need any helpers with check-in day or commissioning day?
        We would love to help out in any way. Our 18 & 19 yr olds have been on mission trips with OC and SB.
        Rob Henderson
        Savannah, Ga

    • I like this ministry,this is also my calling area to serve God.I like to be useful in this area to serve God more and to receive training from you.This is my commitment to God and to mankind even as a volunteer.

  9. Hello! I was wondering, will there be a Japan trip next year (2018)? Thanks so much for your time, and God bless!

  10. Hi. I have a 13 year old son, will be 14 in august. I was referred to you all regarding a boot camp type program. Where would I get information on that?

    • Dionna, You can go to our website and click under “go”. The trips are listed along with a description. Since we are already purchasing airline tickets, you will need to call our office for a list of available teams.

  11. Hey I have a quick question! I’ve been in contact with some other people going this Summer, and they all have told me that they have gotten their Team Specific fact sheet awhile ago. I haven’t gotten mine yet though?
    I’m going to the Navajo Reservation Community Development! 🙂

  12. Hello! I’m Nathaly Peña and I’m 21 years old and I really want to know how can I became a missionary!! How can I get in your program? If someone can help me I really appreciate!! Thank you

  13. Hi! When will y’all announce the 2018 mission trips? Thank you!

  14. Dear friends greetings and blessings in Jesus name, I am overseer of the Greater Grace ministries Tanzania here in singida region Tanzania East Africa.
    I have read your ministries through internet and I am interested for you.
    I would like to invite your volunteers to come singida Tanzania East Africa to cooperate with us in order to help orphanage, sweet children and Church planting.

    Please welcome to cooperate with us.

    I hope to hear from you.

    pastor Paulo mapande

    • Pastor Paulo Mapande, Please email our office and we will get you in touch with our base in Tanzania ([email protected]).

  15. Roger Silvanus Gundi

    Hello there ! I’m Roger Silvanus from India. I’m a graduate from a theological seminary. My call is to reach young and children for Christ. I would like to be part of any team there in Florida or in Australia. Would you please help me?

    • Roger, Thank you for your interest. We run the same program in India. Please email our office for more information ([email protected]).

  16. Carolyn K. Baldwin

    I was registering my daughter for a teen team and PayPal said that the payment was not processed, try again. I did try again, twice, then checked my accounts and discovered that I was charged three times. I would like to be refunded no less than $60 and know if Lindsey Baldwin’s registration was completed.

    • Carolyn, I am so sorry for the difficulty in payment. I am not sure what the problem is. We are all on Christmas break and will return on Jan. 3. Please call the office and ask for the Finance Dept on that date. The US Teams Dept. can let you know if the registration came through. If not, they have a way of looking it up. Thank you for your patience!

      • I registered my daughter last night and the same thing happened, so you know. Your website kept saying that PayPal cancelled the transaction, but I was charged each time. I’ll call tomorrow to clear things up. Hope you guys can figure out what is going on!

  17. Hi, My son Aiden is 14 and interested in going on a Missions trip this summer. We live in BC, Canada and I was wondering how he is to get to the boot camp. Is that an added cost to the trip?

    • Dear Debbie, Please email the office with your specific questions ([email protected]).

      • I am Pastor Abraham from India. I am very happy to have acl chat with you
        I am doing church ministry past 35years , still needed Jesus Grace in ministry.

  18. Ebenezer M. Amante

    Hi! I’m ebenezer 23 yrs old. i just wanna ask if you have an event or program to Philippines?

    We have a daughter church and need a support to the children like feeding program and giving gifts this Christmas. God bless 🙂

  19. I’m interested in going to Japan this summer and the packing list said to not bring books and stuff like that. I like doing art and was thinking about maybe bringing a sketch book. Would I be able to do that? If not during book camp, could I bring it for the actual trip?

  20. i want to attend, your free bible school i stay in Ghana, which of your schools do i apply to , does your free tuition includes meals or do i have to pesticide my own meals

    • Mum, The free schools do include meals. You must successfully complete a Boot Camp. You may email our office at . We have Bible schools in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.

  21. My son Trace Howard will turn 13 Sep. 20 next summer he will miss it a tiny bit. We were missionary’s in Peru for two years. And he might want to go with his cousin. God willing he might be able to go on a teen trip.

  22. Hi my name is trace I will turn 13 on sept 20 next summer and will just miss the deadline I have Been to Peru for two years and have been back a couple of times. I really want to go on a teen trip. If God willing I wanted to go with my cousin. Trace Howard

  23. One of my kids is intrinsic the France trip but we can not get the tab to open. What is the overall project for this team and what is the projected cost

  24. paul vijayam henry

    I’m Pas Henry, Happy to see ur work, like to work for months,

  25. hi, I’m Felix Pius by name from Nigeria and was wondering if TMI wouldn’t mind coming on a mission to Nigeria. I also would love to work with TMI and if possible, I would love my church teens to be partners with TMI…

  26. Greetung’s sir/ Madam /pastor.
    fast well done I am pastor foster chakanza one of founder and a leader for power life christian church so l was encouraged.for what your doing work of God. Here Malawi l heard your teaching and very very powerfull. We are interested to work in parternership with you. l was very encouraged with your teaching through DVD videos,magazine and your faith.I want getting more spiritually from your teaching’s.I would like very much it you can be parternership. I need getting more plan to how can wining sor.thank you I am pastor F chakanza.Amen.

    • Foster, Please email office at .

      • I don’t know how to leave a comment in sorry , but I am desperate, my 9 year old daughter , threatens to kill me in my sori she hits me with hard objects, just tried to poison me today , I’ve tried everything , she destroys everything I own , cars, clothes, all my items that mean anything to me , she cusses at me, I’m scared she’s going to really kill me when I’m sleeping. Ice reached out to dr. Phil no response yet. . I need help we ate a good Christian family my dad is a pastor, I don’t know we’re this all came from, I need desperate help.

        • Dear Shay, I am so sorry you are going through this. Have you tried contacting a local pastor who could possibly refer you to an organization that could help you?

      • May peace and grace be given unto you from our father and the Lord
        Jesus Christ. My name is Galilee GAlileo Périlus,I was born in
        Haiti in a christian family.I studied theology at the Institut Libre
        de theologie Evangelique D’Haiti for 3 years; at the biblical school
        of international Mission outreach for 1 year; at the Seminaire
        biblique Emmaus for 2 year,and I took a lot of biblical courses
        through correspondence schools with several other foreign biblical
        schools. I have a diploma in journalism. I have a bachelor of theology
        and a Doctor of Divinity Honorory from Northwestern christian
        University. I was ordained as pastor on March 8,2002. I have the
        Haitian government licence as a pastor. I work as a journalist
        ,reporter for the Voice of America (USA) and RAdio Metropole. I’m
        National Pastor at Word of life Evangelical Mission of Haiti . The
        goal of my letter is to let you know that I would like to Start a
        branch of Teen Missions International in Haiti, ,I would
        like to serve as a volunteer. May God give you courage,strength,and
        the resources to continue this work throughout the world especially in
        haiti,my beautiful country . If you need more details about myself please
        let me know. I wish you Good luck and I am expecting a positive answer
        from you. May God bless both you Sincerely.

        Rev.Dr Galilee J. Perilus

  27. Melissa McVety

    I am wondering if you have a short term missions trip during the 2017 summer to the Philippines ? My daughter will have just turned 13…not sure if its better to go with the preteen group or teen group?

    • My 13 year old son went last summer. He loved it, and ltitle by little more things he learned and observed comes out in stories as he relates the cultural he went to to ours. 13 is not to young but you may be questioned regarding your decision so make sure it is not you pushing for the trip but what is in the heart of the 13yr. Old

  28. Any chance TMI would ever create a space where ftms could categorize themselves by team and year and leave contact info? Lots of us, especially old timers who met before the Internet, struggle to find each other because the connection is old and names have changed (or are too common to track down). If we didn’t keep in contact via snail mail we lost each other years ago. There are some sites on places like Facebook where peoe can add to groups, but it requires pages of scrolling and there are multi u related groups, but not really searchable.

    Would be really cool to have a self-entered (so not a burden on staff) directory where FTMS could entern their own info and look each other up!

    Israel 85 and Poland 86

  29. i want to send a letter to a friend currently participating in teen missions, how do I find the address to send it to?

  30. About how many kids are at boot camp this year? The rest of my family was wondering. Praying for yall.

  31. Joy Noton Barai

    This is a very good program that developing people for Christ. I am from Bangladesh, we must need such program to help our community.
    How could I involve with you and start this work in my country?
    I saw you have plan to send missionary to India and Nepal but not in Bangladesh. we are neighbor country.

  32. Hi Ms. Koster! I’m from Brazil and became a christian after I met the last team “Amazon River team” in 2010 and it was really hard and sad for me to know the base here was getting closed. I’d like to know if TMI has plans to open other base here.

  33. We need your Teens Missions in Africa Kenya at any time of the year,especially in August,October-December where we can have youth rally of 500 at one place,then the other in another place.We do care of 40 orphaned children without parents.Our cell phone +254-727-692-500

  34. HI Ms. Koster!
    I was wondering when the envelope with all the team members and last minute information would come. In the past years, it has come in late April but I still haven’t recieved mine.

  35. hello beth
    send for me the address here in Zambia office so that i communicate

    • Bright, Please email our office and we will forward your email to them ([email protected]).

  36. we like the way and have interst to the orphanage have a workshop for 7 days for theb and behevour we want your ooganistion to come here in zambaia for 7 days to have this lessons abuot the health

  37. I was looking at trip news and I didn’t see any reports from the Cambodia trip. I am going on the trip to Cambodia and my friends were wondering where to go to get updates on how I’m doing. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  38. Greetings

    I have read about what you do and i would likre to partnerwith you.iam a wife to a pastor in Kenya

    i request if we can open a centre in Kenya


    • Rhodah, Please email our office with your information ([email protected]).

  39. Looking for missionnaries who want to work and Haiti, in CHRISTIAN CHURCH and PROJECT

  40. Looking for missionnaries who wants to work in Haiti

  41. Hannah Adelsberger

    Hi! I was planning on going on a trip in 2017 and I was wondering if there were any horseback trips scheduled. Thanks.

  42. Can you please tell me what trips are still open for an 18 yr old boy. We just found out about your organization and are very interested. Thank you for your time! Molly

  43. I don’t know if my registration got to the office or if t sent in, is there a way you can check to see if it’s there?

  44. Hi, I would like to volunteer as a leader for one of your summer camps. As a teen I had the privilege of going on two teams. My children are now interested in joining in on the adventure as as and serve the Lord. Can you please send me information on how to become a leader.


  46. My granddaughter, Katie, is almost 20 years old (July). What classes/groups do you have for young women of this age? Does Elevation have a Sunday School or a Bible Study class for a young lady who has not yet been baptized by immersion, but who, a short time ago, professed her faith in Christ to a deacon in our church and to me? She is seeing some young people from her high school classes who, she believes, are nice — but not Christians. I have spoken with her many times about God’s love, his mercy and faithfulness. I have explained that Christ died for our sins and that if we repent of ANY transgressions, He is faithful to forgive and that a new page in our life can be turned for our future.

    Thank you for any information or guidance you might have which would be helpful to the family for Katie’s life and training. She’s a beautiful, kind, sweet young lady who is losing her way.

    • Ann, Please check out our website for more information. She can go as a team member or leader. She can also go on Adult Work Team.

  47. My daughter is on the Kilimanjaro trip this summer, I understand the first two weeks are boot camp. How long are they in Africa and how long is debrief?

    • Stephannie, The flight schedule will come out in April. They are at Boot Camp a little over two weeks. They are usually in country for project time from 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. Debrief is four days long. You have to add travel time also.

  48. Hello,

    Do I have to be christian or catholic to go on a mission trip? Do you have to have an adult with you (family member/parent or gaurdian)? Is the flight to the boot camp in the cost or is that self paid? Thank you in advance!

    • Sharwari, We are a Christian organization. That is what we teach and all teams are involved in evangelism. We do not screen the team members who come. However, most are Christians. The flights to/from Florida are NOT included in your project expense.

  49. I had some questions about the Australia trip ! Is it still open ?

  50. Hello,
    I was wanting to attend one of the trips for this summer in the timeline of June 7-July 29 2014. Which trips have vacancies for girls?

  51. Hi there.
    The Ireland page will not come up. Is it no longer available? Also my son will have graduated from High School in 2014. Is he too old?
    Thanks, Tracy

    • Tracy, I will check as to why it won’t come up. He is not too old to go. Right now, Ireland is full to boys, but it might open up later in the spring. He can register for another team and ask to be placed on the waiting list.

  52. Are there any openings for Central America high school trips for a boy for this summer? I know we are late acting on this. …

  53. Hi I was wondering about the teen summer programs. It says that boot camp is two weeks. Is that two weeks prior to the starting point of the mission trip or is that included in the dates shown in mission information? Thank you so much God bless!

  54. Is Russia full yet? Is China full yet? Also how many boys are signed up for each so far?


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