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All of our printed information is available on this website but you may request literature to share with with groups or those without internet access. The request form can also be used to request that a Teen Missions representative visit your local church, school, youth group or event.




  1. Is there anyway I would be able to talk to someone who has personally gone on the Tanzania Missions trip?

  2. -Does boot camp come with all the Teen Missions Trips?
    -Does boot camp have additional costs?

  3. Raeanna Hilarides

    Hi, I would like to know how much it cost for the full gap year.

  4. Douglas A. Umbsen

    I was a teen member of the 1979 mission to Merida in the Yucatan, Mexico. I am looking for any information that could possibly be provided about where the school was that we built part of, as well as hopefully being able to contact any other members of the team, as I have lost contact with them all. thank you.

  5. Danijel Trajkovic

    Hello, can someone contact me, i want to ask some questions if that is possible.

  6. When will prices be up?

  7. Sarah E. Spaulding

    Where can I find how much money is needed to go to Zimbabwe?

  8. Dr. V. E. Richards

    Exactly what time does the Commissioning ceremony begin, and how long does it last?

    • Dr. Richards, Usually, between 7:30-8 (depending on dusk) and lasts until about 9-9:30.

      • My husband and daughter would like to come visit my other daughter at boot camp this weekend. What time may they come and would they be able to visit with her or would they have to go to where she is scheduled to be and just observe?

        • Kelly, They can come after 5 when classes are over. Check the schedule (on our website) to make sure they are not on KP. If they are on KP, come around 6:30. Make sure they are wearing pants, closed-toed shoes, shirts with sleeves and leave your cell phones in the car. Bring water (no ice). Thanks!

  9. Hi Beth,
    Can you send me the mailing address for the Navajo Boot Camp team? Thanks…

  10. I know it is very short notice, but are there any mission trips still available for girls?

    • Tamara, We have already ticketed, but we can still get seats on some teams. However, the cost may be increased due to being out of group ticketing. Also, full payment would be needed upon registration. Please call our office if still interested.

  11. Hi Beth,
    We are hoping our daughter (soon to be 16) will be able to go on one of the overseas work and evangelism missions this summer. Can you please let us know which overseas missions are still open – Central/South America or Africa? She participated in a month long mission in South Africa over Christmas holidays when she was 14.
    Thank you.

  12. What vaccinations are required for a teen? I know it would depend on where they are going.

  13. michelle palomares

    please send me a brochure will all of the trips for teens 13-19 yrs old

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