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Do you love adventure and cross-cultural ministry? Enjoy working with teens, preteens or young children? A desire to share Christ with the world? Teen Missions has a place for you!


Teen Missions is looking for men and women with a heart for God, a desire to work with youth, a willing spirit and a burden for those without hope and without Christ. All staff, both in the United States and overseas are faith-supported and are not paid by Teen Missions.

Opportunities at the Teen Missions Headquarters

There are many places to serve at the Teen Missions headquarters in Merritt Island, Florida. We will accept any type of vocational and professional skills. Below are some sample areas in which staff serve

Teen Missions Florida

  • Computer maintenance/web design
  • Finance
  • Graphic design
  • Maintenance
  • Leadership
  • Personnel Relations
  • Printing
  • Promotions
  • Teaching
  • Video editing

Staff work in offices during nine months of the year, preparing for the summer teams and coordinating the overseas ministries. In the months of June, July, and August, the staff serve as team leaders on construction and evangelistic teams that travel to many places around the world.

Learn more about Teen Missions and how you fit in by attending First Step, a week-long potential staff orientation.

2015_BigTopDay_01First Step

(for potential full-time staff missionaries)

Do you feel the Lord tugging you toward full-time Christian service? First Step is a six-day seminar designed to learn about Teen Missions staff policies, missionary life and the basics of support raising as well as giving you the opportunity to meet the full-time staff missionaries of Teen Missions.

Participants visit each of our departments, tour our headquarters, and learn about our long-term overseas ministries and opportunities. A meeting with Teen Missions Founder/Director Robert M. Bland is held at the end of the seminar in order to explore possible ways of matching your talents and abilities with current needs within the ministry of Teen Missions. First Step is intended to provide a way to determine whether or not Teen Missions is where God might be calling you!

Team Leaders Seminar is required for all summer trip leaders. First Step is required for all potential full-time staff. Attending First Step does not obligate you to serve with Teen Missions. First Step participants can, at their option, also attend the Mission Trip Leaders Seminar.

Leader Training Seminar Dates

  • Merritt Island, FL—March 1-4, 2018
  • Merritt Island, FL—June 10-15, 2018

First Step Seminars for potential full-time Staff

  • Merritt Island FL…. March 4-9, 2018

Cost (U.S. Funds)


First Step Only $49 (plus $30 registration fee)

Leader Training Seminar  Only $69 (plus $30 registration fee)

First Step & Leader Training Seminar $118 (plus $30 registration fee)


First Step only $98 (plus $30 registration fee)

Leader Training Seminar only $138 (plus $30 registration fee)

First Step & LTS $236 (plus $30 registration fee)

    * If you have attended a Mission Trip Leader Seminar or served as a trip leader in the past three years, you may arrive one week later for Week Two only, and deduct $69 per person from the total cost. If you have other questions, call (321) 453-0350 and ask for personnel.


Staff Opportunities OversJosiah in Malawieas

Our staff overseas serve in many different ways, depending on the needs of the base. Their jobs may include: teaching in a BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center, running an overseas Boot Camp, working on an outside maintenance project, doing outreach activities and many other tasks. In Africa, all our staff have the opportunity to work with the AIDS orphans.

Learn more about Teen Missions and how you fit in by attending First Step, a week-long potential staff orientation.

Qualifications for staff:

  1. Applicants must be self-motivated and willing to go the extra mile. He/she must have a basic interest in missions and youth, a heart for God and a teachable attitude.
  2. Applicants must exhibit spiritual maturity in his/her basic understanding of Scriptures and walk with God.
  3. Applicants must agree to join staff for a designated period of time and be flexible enough to serve in any position or ministry assigned to him/her within Teen Missions.
  4. Applicants must be confident that God has called him/her to join Teen Missions before final acceptance.
  5. Applicants must be 18 or older, single or married. If married, both husband and wife must feel called to the Teen Missions ministry and be actively involved.
  6. Applicants must be free of debt including educational loans, credit card debt or any other outstanding balances.
  7. Applicants must satisfactorily complete a recent Team Leader Training Seminar and First Step Seminar.




  1. katherine carter

    there is an orphan mission run by farouck matege in jipin uganda i need to know if its real and if he is doing mission work

  2. am lesley from Zambia, am a trained pastor and missionary, can i join staff from Zambia?

  3. Does Teen Missions do background checks on staff applicants?

    • Miriam, We do background checks on anyone 18 or older, including staff, volunteers, leaders and team members.

  4. Dear Sir and Madam,
    I have been receiving your updates last three years and i am so happy to be part of your ministry in Prayer . I have wrote before to know your ministry in Nepal. I get to know your ministry while i was in Philippines. Now, I am back to Nepal. i have seen your schedule about booth in Nepal. it would be nice if i will get contact person’s name and address in Nepal.

  5. hei am samuel in kenya with a great passion to searve in children ministry

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