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Opportunities to Volunteer

Volunteers are welcomed and anticipated during all seasons here at Teen Missions. The ministry of Teen Missions stretches out from Merritt Island, Florida, around the world, impacting lives of thousands of national children and adults. With this kind of outreach, the central base in Florida is kept busy throughout the year as we prepare for the Lord’s Boot Camp here in Florida, and in the 17 other bases found on all six major continents. The work in Florida is plentiful and varied, with often more work than hands to complete it! Because of this, the staff of Teen Missions have readily expressed their appreciation for the help of all the willing and joyful volunteers who have dedicated time to furthering the work of the Lord.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with Teen Missions is a unique way to participate in the work of the Lord.
Teen Missions’ volunteers have the experience of working and fellowshipping with Christian believers from all across the Globe. You will find it a joy and a privilege to serve with a ministry whose sole focus is to see the Gospel of Christ spread to teenagers and others in need of salvation. Throughout your time here, you will have the opportunity to pray for, encourage and work alongside youth from across America.



seasonal volunteersSEASONAL VOLUNTEERS (November—April -Florida)

Seasonal Volunteers serve throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Some of our seasonal volunteers come in groups, others come as single volunteers, but all are welcome. Those willing to volunteer with special vocational skills often come during these three seasons to help mend AC units, lay tile, work in the Mechanics Shop, or contribute to the various projects going on during that season.





Boot Camp Volunteers -kitchenSummer volunteers work during the Lord’s Boot Camp and help with setting up, running and taking down everything involved with Boot Camp. During the times that the teens are here, they can be found all over the property, running the kitchen, teaching construction or evangelism classes, working with the Mustard Seeds, serving in the Nurse’s Station and Clinic, or just offering general and maintenance type help wherever they are needed. Summer volunteers also have the opportunity to help counsel and work with the youth involved in our program. Without these volunteers, the Lord’s Boot Camp could not successfully happen each year. Meals and housing are provided for all those willing to come and serve. Please call our office for details on how to register today!



GAP YEAR / ONE YEAR VOLUNTEER (June—June -Overseas)Gap Year Program -Malawi 2010

Overseas Volunteering is a unique opportunity to give your time to serving at one of Teen Missions many overseas bases and to running one of our diverse national Boot Camps. These Boot Camps run year round, so your time of participation is not limited to just the summer. Overseas Volunteers get to experience the culture of their chosen base and to interact with and be blessed by the staff of the many bases. The requirements for serving overseas includes: obtaining a passport, attending Leader Training Seminar, and raising adequate support to cover transportation to and from your country and covering room and board. For more information, please click here: Gap Year Info


2012_Volunteers_52WORK GROUPS & SPRING BREAK

Work groups are welcome throughout our Seasonal Volunteer months (November—. Groups of any size can find plenty of work to accomplish during their time here, and serving together often builds group unity. Churches, youth groups, schools and other organizations interested in getting involved with the ministry of the Lord, and working together on a common project, should contact the Teen Missions Office for further details on how to get involved.



QualificationsSpring Break Volunteer Work Group

Volunteers are ordinary people willing to commit their time to complete the Lord’s extraordinary work! We ask that our volunteers be born-again Christians with the ability to work well with others and to serve with a servant’s attitude. All volunteers, aside from those coming as part of a work group, should be mature adults, 20 years or older, or Former Team Members, 18 years or older and recommended by past leadership.

Volunteering at Boot Camp often requires long hours of behind-the-scenes work, which may seem thankless. We do need your help and we are grateful for all those willing to come and serve, however, we maintain the policy that if you do not want to work, you should not come.

God has blessed the efforts of all of our volunteers in the past, and it would be our joy to see Him work through you this summer. We look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Thanks for the work done God bless you for being heartedly . We Hearts With Hope would wish to be involvled in your programs in Uganda . We care and support orphanns and vulnerable children living with HIV/AIDS and affected In western Uganda .
    Your reply is highly appreciated

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