Visiting Teen Missions


Oct – May (Open to the Public)

Visitor tours are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday from October through May. If you are interested in visiting during Boot Camp, please see below. When visiting, we ask that you sign in at the Front Office and someone will be available to give you a tour of the offices, Retreat Center and Boot Camp property.

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June – July (Open to Pastors and Parents/Guardians only | Commissioning Service open to the public)

WHO MAY VISIT: Only parents and accompanying family members, legal guardians and pastors are permitted to visit during Boot Camp. No

 boyfriends or girlfriends, please.

WHEN TO VISIT: Parents are permitted a total of three visits, including Commissioning. Visiting hours are 5:00 p.m. through the evening rally. All visitors must register at the Front Office and receive a visitor’s badge that is to be worn at all times while visiting.

Visitors may not take team members from Boot Camp at any time.


Commissioning and Visitor Hours

Teens | Preteens


The Commissioning Services are open to the general public.

  • PARKING REGULATIONS: Once you enter the parking lot, you will not be able to move your car until after the Commissioning Service. If you must leave early, please inform the parking attendant before parking so he can park you in a different area. For the safety of those boarding the buses by candlelight, visitors are not allowed to move their vehicles from the parking area until all the buses have departed. All visitors will say good-bye before approaching the bus loading area.
  • CARE PACKAGES: Food items and care packages may be brought for team members and leaders to be received AFTER the Commissioning Service. There will be designated places for these items to be put until then. All items must be clearly marked with the team members’ name, team name, and number.  Note: Packages are NOT allowed to be mailed to the team member at Boot Camp, during project time or at Debrief. This includes Commissioning Day packages. Many times the food cannot be consumed before the team member leaves and it goes to waste. 
  • CAMERAS: No cameras – still or video (with or without flash) – will be permitted during the candlelight service.
  • CELL PHONES: Cell phones are not allowed on the property. Please leave your cell phone in the car or at the front office.