Cameroon is Making Good Progress

Staff and Interns are working on the entrance road to our property, they are trying to fill it in and make it more manageable for our vehicles. We are also working on the roof of our main hall by fixing the leaks and preparing for the completion of the ceiling. While doing that we are also preparing to have a pineapple garden that is the amount of 140 pineapple plants.

We have also begun work on the steps that lead up to the new staff house. The steps are making very good progress as we have about 20 steps completed so far.

We have also started working on the new Yetti Hope Rescue Unit by building the doors and windows and getting everything set.
Vitalis had the opportunity to speak at a burial service which 28 people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.
Praise God that our Children’s Good News Club started 2 weeks ago, and close to 32 children attended.

They were very happy to have some pop-corn and coca cola donated by a family in celebration of Malachi’s 1st birthday.