North Madagascar update

We have noticed that those who are following the Weekly Bible study are growing in their interest on the words of God. They are growing in number as well. Some of them have personal problems and are asking for prayers, they are eager if they Bible study is going to continue. Some of the young ones are interesting in coming for Boot-Camp. Also there is one group that has started Bible Study at another village.
As for the Kid’s ministry every Saturday, there are 42 kids that attended last week, we divided them in three groups according to their ages. Each had Bible lessons and time to play together, praise and did memory verse. They were told to lead more children from their area to come every Saturday.

Greetings from Madagascar!

We are continuing reaching out Friday afternoon and Saturday. Last Friday we went to teach our families (staff and students into God’s word) , most of them were already professing Christian and had stopped going to church, now we thank God that they are willing to hear from the Lord again, we are hoping that they will join church soon.
Today we had the Personal evangelism class, I had them went door to door doing evangelism as their mid-exam. Each students went to find a home to reach. We managed to finish 10 homes, two of them are muslum , I was sitting next to each one as they share giving them notes for the exam. Three persons received Jesus as their personal Savior, one of them is a muslim.

Update from Madagascar

We are now on the second week of the BMW term. The students are growing everyday spiritually as we study through the Bible and do all the classes. Most of them are having the desire to learn more things such as computers, driving , cooking, sewing. Some of these we can do, but some we cannot at the moment.

We praise the Lord for the conference center, during holidays we had individuals and groups using them.

We have students goes doing door to door on Friday afternoons. We all believe that Jesus is very very near and we have to proclaim the good news and win souls for God. We made schedules both for students and staff so that everyone would have one turn every week to witness for Christ. Since we have done this many have come to Christ!