Malawi Bible Schools are making remarkable progress

Janet and Elicy reported a very big attendance of women who came for Bible study on Friday last week at Chikwatu village. They were almost 30 who attended Bible study. The week before last week there were only 5 who came to attend the Bible study and most of them came from the same family. The funny part is that most of these people when they came, they stood far away thinking that they were restricted from joining the group of women who were already learning the word of God, but they were invited to be part of the group and they were excited and immediately joined the group. They sang the songs excited and listened to the teaching of the word of God attentively. At the end of the Bible study an appeal was made if there was anybody convicted by the Holy spirit and that she wanted her life changed and become a born again Christian, Praise the Lord that 5 women accepted this and were prayed for. They are coming from Islamic families, they have never been Christians in their entire life. They all need prayers to grow up. Their names are Mariam, Akalonga, Abiti Ntenje, Abiti John and Angela.

New Births in Chiyao Malawi

I just want to share the great passion that I have observed from our two male students as they reach out in the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have great zeal in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with other people. Whenever they have little free time they will either use it for studies or reaching out to people in the society where we are located. They have established a great friendship with the community in this way creating a positive environment for them to share the gospel. I hope these guys are growing up in faith and courage. I am happy that the slow results are not discouraging them from continuing to share Jesus with the people. I hope they will remain still until the day of Jesus Christ.