Russia base update

   This is our snow,  that came in March; it is falling and then thawing, then falling again;        At the office we have new curtains and even cover for the bookkeeping cabinet       This kind of flower blossoms once every three years; it opened up to …

Siberia Testifies of God’s Mighty Power

Here is an example how God is helping a person in his desperate needs to cross the path of Christian people – for him to hear the Gospel message. Lyuda and Gosha took sound equipment back to the Baptist Church in Petukhovo, next morning after their evangelizing meeting in Pashkovo where about 80 young people were present. They had only 15 minutes at their disposal being in a hurry to Kurgan. Exactly at that time a young man of about 30 or so years old entered the church building – for the first time in his life! Drinking is his main problem after his wife and their child perished when their house was on fire. Lyuda and Gosha told him about his need to be saved by faith in Jesus. Sergei accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He has been to the church a few times since that day (August 17) and church members expressed their interest in his life situation and want to help him grow in Christ. Let His name be praised above all names!!!

Jesus is Lord in Siberia

There were many people at the House of culture, the hall was full. Except our students there were some church members that were taking part in it. A few people repeated a prayer of salvation when Gosha gave an alter call when concert was over. Sergei, a 39 year old man, that came for Alpha course introduction meeting, had a deep discussion with our students and asked many questions. At the end Dima lead him in a prayer to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. He promised to come to a church service on Sunday morning.