Hong Kong, China

Answer the call to share the Gospel of Christ with thousands in Hong Kong, China this summer! You will be working alongside Youth For Christ (YFC) putting your evangelism training to use in schools, shopping centers, street markets and factory meetings while learning Cantonese phrases and songs that will make your outreach more effective. Your heart will be burdened when you see incense burning at their many shrines honoring their ancestors and ancient gods.

Zambia Orphan Angels Motorcycle II | Missions Trip

On this unforgettable missions trip you will ride your motorcycle through the dirt, sand and mud of the Zambia bush with the Motorcycle Sunday School Circuit Riders to help run Sunday schools for orphans and local village children. Your ministry is to travel by motorcycle to various remote locations and to assist the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) Circuit Rider Missionaries in teaching Sunday schools, literacy classes and Bible quizzing. Time will be spent brainstorming for lesson illustrations, playing games with orphans and working one on one with those who wish to learn to read.

Amazon River, Brazil | Teen Missions Trip

Experience God’s awesome creation as you serve Him deep in the Amazon Rain Forest. Here you work alongside the students running children’s programs and visiting with the teens of local youth groups. You will be involved in various projects such as building a fence and stable for the livestock, a tower for the water tank and a bathroom block for Boot Camp. Then you will board the boat, “Light of Guama”, and spend a week cruising through the jungle on the Guama River reaching out to people through children’s programs and evangelistic films.

Honduras | Preteen Missions Trip

Hola! Come escape on an exciting missions trip to the rugged, but lush mountains of Honduras, Central America. Here you will serve the Lord at this pristine 60-acre property, which is also called the “mountain of light”. Your project is to repair the road leading up to the base which has been damaged by the heavy rains that at times makes it quite impassable.

Zambia Drill Team | Mission Trip

Be a Teen Missions trend-setter with this unique and exciting new team! You will be trained as a precision step team at Boot Camp. Recently this has become a popular means of group performances, and is being used as a way of presenting the Gospel. A person who trained a nationally competitive winning team has agreed to train this team. There is no prior experience necessary. This team will not only perform at Boot Camp, but in many places in Africa. Sharing your knowledge and training orphans at AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Zambia will give them a sense of accomplishment, purpose and unity.

Russia Sports | Teen Missions Trip

Join forces with fired-up teens from Russia to impact the world’s largest country, on this exciting multi-purpose summer missions trip! Watch local village farmers pass by on horse-drawn carts as you begin your project by Training National Teens (TNT) in work and evangelism skills such as construction, music, drama, puppets and balloons. You will treasure the sights and sounds of Russian cheers and special music in the evening rallies while sharing and teaching your own “special numbers”…always a big hit to the Russian teams. Your work project will be to continue the construction of the Teen Missions BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center. Your team will participate in soccer and volleyball scrimmages with local youth in neighboring towns, sharing the Gospel during “half-time” presentations and building friendships before and after games.Warm days (with 20 hours of daylight) and cool evenings will be a welcome relief after the Florida Boot Camp.