In Our Last Week

It is amazing to think that we are one our last week here in Fiji. Every summer I am surprised how quickly time really slips away. When your doing the work of the Lord, however, the word ‘slips’ doesn’t really

Beqa Island

The weekend trip to Beqa Island was an eye-opening experience for me as well as the rest of the team. In preparation for a presentation in a village nearby, I was chosen to share a simple Bible story with the

Back Safe And Sound

Hey all. I just wanted to let all of you know that we are back safely from our trip to Beqa (Bang-ga). Everyone had a blast and there will be a very detailed report tomorrow on how the trip went.

Working On The Fence

We have been focused on working a bit harder this week because we will be gone on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The team has nearly cleared out the fence line and it is a site to see. They have really

Rest Stops

Bula Vinaka! God has been merciful to us these past couple of days. We have had a small break from the rain and have seen the Fijian sun. The is a great thing because we are prepared to paint the

Our Adventures In Fiji

Well we are on our way with our project here in Fiji. We have been on a renovation project fixing up a house. The team has been working hard cleaning the outside walls and scraping the paint off. We have