In Singapore

Meeting the ChiefThe Papua team is almost back on US soil. We are currently in Singapore airport awaiting our flight to Chigaco. Everyone is tired as it is the middle of the night, but it is kind of hard to sleep in

We Are In Ambon

Papua TeamThe Papua team has arrived in Ambon safely. We are all getting use to the more “civilized” way of living with running water and plumbing. Its a nice way to ease us back into society! Sunday night (just a few

Only One More Day!

Papua Puppet EvangelismThe Papua team has only one more full day left here in Nabire before we head to Ambon. This last week we have pushed to get the last spetic hole dug and cemented so that theycan continue work on the

Swimming And AC

The Papua team got to experience some real culture today. We were invited to the Chief’s house to swim and have lunch. The house was amazing and we got to experience AC for the first time in weeks. We were

A Report From The Bush

DiggingWork is continuing on the septic system. The team digs every day and the water fills the holes back up. It is very muddy work. The rain has not been as bad this week, though it is still around so

Hello From Papua!

Cleaning ToolsGreetings once again from Papua! The team is accomplishing much on the work site. Yesterday, Tyler and Tori finished digging a garbage pit on the property and were covered up to their necks in mud! Every time it rains here