Mission Trip Leaders

Philippines Trip Leaders 2013
Requirements of a Trip Leader

A trip leader is an ordinary person with a desire to work with teens, preteens or kids. Each leader should have an interest in missions, a commitment to God’s service, and, most important, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Leaders are required to be 20 years of age (former team members must be 18 and recommended by their leaders). Leaders need to turn in six recommendations (including one from a pastor or church board), and a criminal background check (required by Florida State Law). All of the necessary forms are provided by Teen Missions.

Leader Training Seminar Dates

Leader Interest-Request

Leader Registration

Mission Trip List

Responsibilities of a Teen Missions Leader

All of the Leaders are responsible for the health, safety, spiritual growth, discipline, and unity of the team. The lady Leaders are responsible for meal planning and preparation for the team. The male Leaders are in charge of the work project or the evangelistic outreach. Each of the leaders works together to provide the teenagers with everything they need for spiritual growth.

Specific Training Requirements for Leaders

Potential leaders must attend a Teen Missions Leader Training Seminar. Each year, seminars are held throughout the United States and all are welcome to participate. These seminars offer specialized training to prepare each leader for the upcoming summer. The seminar covers Teen Missions policies, training materials, leading youth, team unity, basic construction, cooking, evangelism and practical ideas and skills for your team. This seminar will prepare you for an adventurous and rewarding summer.

Leader Seminar Cost:

  • $69 seminar cost + $30 registration fee – single
  • $138 seminar cost + $30 registration fee – couple

Most seminars will begin Thursday, at 6:00 p.m., and end Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Food and lodging are included in the seminar cost, and there is no childcare available. Attendance at this seminar in no way obligates either the participant or Teen Missions.

Length of Involvement

  • Teen Trips—8-9 weeks (ages 13-20)
  • Preteen Trips—6 weeks (ages 10-12)

Leaders and team members are required to attend the Lord’s Boot Camp in Merritt Island, Florida. This training equips the team, preparing them for the conditions of the mission field. Following Boot Camp, the teams travel overseas to their different projects. Some of the projects could be the construction of a church, orphanage or school. Some of the evangelism projects could be skateboard outreach, puppets, drama or musical choirs. Specialized training for each team is provided at Boot Camp, depending on the project. Following completion of their projects, Following completion of their projects, the team will attend debrief at the Teen Missions Conference Center facilities. After debrief, Teen Missions provides transportation to the Orlando International Airport.

Leader Involvement Costs

The involvement cost for leaders is offered at a discounted rate. The amount taken off of the price is dependent upon the Leadership position and the field of service. Please contact the Leader Placement Department at the Teen Missions base in Florida for specifics. Teen Missions provides prayer cards and support letters to help raise prayer and financial support. These are sent out after you have accepted your Team Leader assignment.

Leaders with Families


Children younger than the age of the group you are leading qualify as leader children. Their cost is based on airfare, food, and surface travel costs. Prayer cards and support letters are provided to help raise the cost of the children going on the team. If your child is in the age group of your team, he or she will be classified as a team member and must raise the total team member cost as listed in the Teen Missions brochure.

You are Needed!

Leaders are an important part of Teen Missions. We are grateful to everyone willing to donate their time to lead one of our teams. We give glory to God for the work that He has accomplished in the past summers here, and we look forward to seeing how He will provide for those in the future.


  1. I am Johnson Uchenna, from Nigeria. I have worked with the youths for over 20 years.

    I am very interested in the scheme to sharpen my skills as I perceive the Lord leading me to a covert youth ministry outside of the church

  2. Beth,

    Sharon Sparlin in Grants Pass, Oregon. Our son Kelly, now age 42, and his son Jackson, currently age 11, want to discuss the possibility of going on the Malawi pre-teen team this year. Kelly as an assistant leader and Jackson as a team member. Have the Head Leaders to Malawi been assigned yet? Can you email me privately at [email protected]

  3. Hello beth
    My name is oliver Weko and am 22 years old all the way from Kenya first of all I want thank you with your all team….helping around indeed pupils , please can you allow me to join this team..because since long time I have been dreaming about all this.. Like SAINT DON BOSCO ,I like helping pupils especially youth’s, thank you so much .

  4. I’m Love Obande Ikwuyum (Nigeria). Like Daniel Hart Dickson said, Africans are in the dark. I started a christian school where academics and bible doctrine is taught. I have to work as a civil servant to fund the school hence the staff a generally unsupervised. The kids are really eager to know Christ and to evangelise. I need mentoring, for myself, staff and for the kids on evangelism and missions.

  5. Please am Enoch by name and a Ghanaian in Ghana currently.
    I always love to work for God.
    How can I participate?
    Is it based on a specific doctrinal belief or any dedicated Christian can also participate.

    1. how come I cannot see Taiwan on the list of teams? Are they still going there? Do you know who the leaders might be? And is this team early bootcamp or super bootcamp? Thanks for the info.

      1. Jake, I just checked and it is still listed and yes, we are still going there. We don’t give out the names of the leaders as that can change. There is only one Boot Camp, but two Debriefs and Taiwan is in the first Debrief.

  6. Am a young African by name Daniel Hart Dickson and am passionate about the things of God with little or almost no formal knowledge on how to go about it I do not need any financial asistance but all I need is to be well trained so I can professionally tell people about my saviour Jesus Christ Please I want to be well trained because Africans are living in ignorance and they are perishing, please they need Jesus christ

  7. Hi there, unable to find on the website where the oversea bootcamps are – and if there is a need to assist with running them? Where they are, when they are run and what cost is for adult volunteer? I am also a previous TM and ATL. Thank you.

  8. Dear Leadership
    A friend sent me the information that you needed leaders and I was just inquiring of what the needs were. I am a mother to 3 teenagers and working as an occupational therapist. I have been on the mission field myself with Mission to the World in 1985 to Korea and with MTW and Campus Crusade to Poland from 1986-87 and every year went back to Poland and or Russia until 1993. What are your needs? Just wondering what God has. 🙂
    Denise Vermilya

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