Mission Trip Photo Gallery

Mission Trip Photo Albums

Experience the excitement of a Teen Missions summer mission trip through our huge photo galleries. View our missionary training at the Lord’s Boot Camp or travel around the world and see our teams as they share the gospel through work and evangelism.

2019 Zambia Well Drilling [Back To Gallery]


    1. Dena, We don’t have any on our FB site, but we do have the 2017 team’s pictures. They debriefed in Ethiopia, so that is why they didn’t give us their cards.

  1. What happened to the boy in the Haiti 2009 orphanage photo album? It’s on page 3 of the Haiti 2009 orphanage photo album. It’s a picture of a boy lying on what appears to be a hospital bed reading something with an iv in his arm. What happened?!

    1. Kayleigh, I just saw the picture. He was probably taken to the clinic with some illness and they were probably treating him for dehydration. All of those team members returned to Debrief and home.

  2. What is an SB? In one of the guys pictures he was holding a sign that said he wasn’t in that days pictures because he had an SB. Also How do you define ‘living like a pig’ because in almost every album there are at least 2 kids wearing the sign.

    1. Kayleigh, An “SB” is a “special blessing”. If you break a rule, then you get the blessing of working during your free time. “Living like a pig’ means you live in the dirtiest tent site which means that you get to clean the bathrooms during your free time. However, if you are the cleanest tent site, then you get to swim in the pool during your free time.

  3. Thank You Teen Missions International for changing my life and making me a better person, I am forever grateful. This summer God touched my life , and confirmed my calling as a missionary, One of the greatest moments of my life was at debrief when i devoted my life to full time ministry and to always serve Jesus and spread the light into the world.

  4. I have been watched faithfully these past 4 days and I never see the INDIANA team. And when we watch the 7pm speakers the camera man never pans all the way to the left. I think that’s where most the Indiana team is located. Thank you

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