Past Summer Videos

Important: Video Requests and Orders will NOT be processed during the summer months (June – Sept) since our staff will be serving on summer mission trips. Orders and payments can be received during this time but will not be acted upon until our staff return for the Florida Headquarters. Video / DVD requests will be processed beginning in October. BT1CommishThe following information should answer your questions regarding past summer videos.

What videos are available for participants from past summer teams?

The Video Dept. began in 1986. Boot Camp Scrapbooks are available with your team Boot Camp presentation from 1986 to the Present! Debrief and Field videos are available for teams that had a Teen Missions camera at Debrief (or at your project location). Most teams have a debrief video available from 1990 through 2007. Debrief videos are not available after 2007. You can browse our video archive catalog by clicking here.

BC Scrapbook

Cost: $10.00 US includes shipping (FL res. add 6% sales tax) (Contains: General Footage, and BC team presentation)


Cost: $10.00 US includes shipping (FL res. add 6% sales tax) (Contains: General Footage from your debrief  presentation)


Cost: $10.00 US includes shipping (FL res. add 6% sales tax) (Contains General Footage from your project location*) Note: You may purchase any three summer video DVDs for $25.00 US)

How do I order a Teen Missions past summer video?

Videos may be ordered for the above-mentioned prices. Please specify the team name, year, and team number for the video you are requesting. Also, note which video(s) you wish to receive (Boot Camp Scrapbook, Debrief, or Field Footage). Online Payments may be made using a credit card or electronic check. Go to our website and click the donate option on our menu bar. There you will select “other” as a Category option. Please specify which team you are ordering for and which video (Debrief, Field, or Both) in the comment box at the bottom. Payments may also be made by check and mailed to Teen Missions. Checks must be in US dollars made payable to Teen Missions Int’l. It is helpful if the outside of your envelope is marked Attn Video Dept. in the lower left corner. Mail Orders to the address below.

May the Lord bless you richly. We hope this FAQ answers all of your questions.



  1. I just received the DVDs I order from teams in 1986, 1987 and 1988. I cried when I opened the package; I laughed when I saw my face. So did the rest of my family.

  2. I can’t seem to find where to make the payment for the past summer dvd’s. There is no “other” selection in the GIVE on the menu bar.

  3. I can’t find the Donate on the menu bar, only Give. When I click on the online payment option for the videos there is no “OTHER” option to select. I’m trying to order the 3 videos from the 1993 Philippines Choir and Drama team.

  4. RevThomas Riley Jr

    i think maybe the picture posted on this page was the year i went if it is from 93-94

  5. RevThomas Riley Jr

    How to i find out what year i served as a leader i forget it was 93 or 94 to New Zealand to the Orama Christian community retreat place thats what i remember from my personal photos….i do have to divulge that i was sent home for breaking protocol/rules for i was a young Christian leader it was not for abuse of any kind just broke a rule and got the boot home. But the memories of the trip for me were still great and i would love a copy of any video because that was my job on trip so i shot footage. Im now a pastor at a church and have grown and matured and that time taught me valuable lessons. I still tell stories today even after 20 some odd years. if anyone has record of when i went then if i can order a DVD or tape or even get a digital copy somehow that would be awesome then i can show my wife and daughter and church.

  6. If your child paid for the video before he came home, when will they be shipped?

    • Cynthia, No one paid for the video as it was included in your project expense. We are still working on them, but our priority right now (after the hurricane) is to get the brochure written and printed and then we can focus on the videos. They have been working on them though.

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