Summer Video Update

Mike Myers
Boot Camp Camera Operator – Mike Myers

September 27, 2010

Where’s my DVD?

The Boot Camp Scrapbook

The Boot Camp Scrapbook DVD is included in the cost of your summer team involvement. This year’s format includes a ten-minute segment of each Boot Camp (Mustard Seed, Peanut, Preteen, Teen). It also includes a short promo, a message from the director and your team’s Boot Camp presentation.

NOTE: The 2010 Boot Camp Scrapbook Videos are expected to ship by the first week of December. Please visit this page for future status updates.

Debrief and Field Videos

Please visit the Past Summer Videos link for a list of available Debrief and Field videos. Debrief and Field Videos were discontinued in 2007.

DVD Pricing Change

Effective May 1st, 2007 the cost of DVD’s will be reduced to $15.00 dollars per DVD. Florida residents, please add 6% sales tax to your order. Canadian residents, please ensure that your order is in U.S. funds. This price includes shipping

Paying for Videos

You can now use the online donation tab on the website to pay for, and order videos. In the donation section the bottom choice is “Other” use this for video purchases. IMPORTANT….Since this is the “Other” box the only way we know that this is a video order is to put the information of the video in the “Comments/Registration Info” box at the bottom of the page. Include the name of the team, year of the team, and if you want (scrapbook, debrief, or field footage). Once you complete the comment section you can submit the order.

Thank you for your involvement with the ministry of Teen Missions this summer. May the Lord bless you!

In His Service,

Teen Missions International

Video Department.

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