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  • A Report From The South Korea Team! June 25, 2017 One week down and one to go of Boot Camp!  Everyone has gotten to know each other and are working well together.  We haven't won the clean award yet, but we always seem very close to the top, we are hopeful we can win soon.     Everyone is enjoying their classes and learning a lot.  We are starting to look ahead at our upcoming travel time and beginning to prepare for it. We know the next week will go fast.     We ... Read more about this post
  • The Malawi Well-Drilling Team Report! June 25, 2017 We are excited to let you all know that we are moving right through Boot Camp with excitement, good attitudes and killing lots of mosquitos.    The weather is great! We have had a very nice breeze almost every day and we have not experienced any rain yet which is a blessing and miracle.    We have finished puppets, drama and phonics class and we started working on the drilling rig and advanced evangelism class.    Drama class has been the favorite class so far and ... Read more about this post
  • The Long Lost New Zealand Report! June 25, 2017 Hey Mates or however they greet you from New Zealand. A greeting I am pretty sure is culturally appropriate from my time in Australia. This is Evan, the assistant male leader of Team New Zealand.    Arrival Day went good.  All members of our team arrived breathing and whole. Despite the normal chaos and fun, we got most of them registered yesterday.  Today we got Elias and Josh signed in at 4 to fit in with our schedule because they arrived right ... Read more about this post

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