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17001 Cambodia Motorcycle (MSSM)
Cambodia Trip Reports
17002 Ecuador
Ecuador Trip Reports
17003 South Korea
South Korea Trip Reports
17004 Kazakhstan Church
Kazakhstan Trip Reports
17005 Kilimanjaro Backpack
Tanzania Trip Reports
17006 Malawi Well Drilling
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17007 New Zealand
New Zealand Trip Reports
17008 Nicaragua School
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17009 Panama San Blas Islands
Panama Trip Reports
17010 Peru Church
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17012 Zimbabwe Eyeglass/Medical
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17015 Navajo Community Development
USA Trip Reports
17017 Ethiopia Orphanage
Ethiopia Trip Reports
17018 Indiana Evangelism
USA Trip Reports
17019 Honduras Boat
Honduras Trip Reports
17020 Madagascar Motorcycle (MSSM)
Madagascar Trip Reports
17021 Mongolia Orphanage
Mongolia Trip Reports
17022 Native American Boot Camp
USA Trip Reports
17023 Nepal Children's Home
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17024 Zambia Soccer
Zambia Trip Reports
17070 Forest Angels
USA Trip Reports
17071 Honduras
Honduras Trip Reports
17072 Malawi Playground
Malawi Trip Reports
17073 Trinidad
Trinidad Trip Reports
  • A Last Report From Zambia! August 8, 2017 The past week has been a whirlwind of activity. The team has been traveling a lot. We went to see Victoria Falls, went on a river cruise, did a safari where we saw lions, cheetas and other big African cats.  The team had a lot of fun bartering for items from the local vendors. The team got many good deals and had fun while doing it. Parents be warned they are now good at bargaining ... Read more about this post
  • Honduras, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Zambia and Nepal Have Arrived! August 8, 2017 The above teams have arrived safely at Debrief. They begin classes this morning. If the teams were not able to make phone calls last night, they will call this afternoon or evening. Read more about this post
  • The Madagascar Team Is In Montreal! August 7, 2017 Madagascar team is doing well and in Montreal! We will be back in Florida tonight around 8! We are excited for Debrief and, of course, for heading home soon. We were sad to say goodbye to Tim and Liva in Madagascar, but excited for the work they will continue there! Thank you all for your prayers, and we're excited to see you all SOON! Read more about this post

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