Mission Trip Reports

Exciting mission trip reports and testimonies are posted each week while our teen, preteen, and adult teams are at their project locations worldwide. Check back often for the latest news updates!

  • Zambia Eyeglass & Medical June 22, 2016 Zambia Eyeglass & Medical The Zambia Eyeglass and Medical team has taken up temporary residency in Canal View, a 4-5 minute walk from camp.  We are refreshed with daytime showers of rain and cooler temperatures at night.  We are happy to pass along a team member becoming a Christian after Sunday PM rally!     On the Obstacle Course, the Zambia team does well with the Books of the Bible and mustered ten people over the Wall the first day!     We ... Read more about this post
  • Greetings From The Uganda Team! June 22, 2016 Greetings From The Uganda Team! Yesterday, the 20th, was the first day of actual classes. The team did great; they are really bonding together as a team. They had music class and they sing great together and then had a puppet class and really enjoyed it.  We as leaders are blessed to lead this team. Thank you for trusting us to lead your kids this summer. Looking forward to a great summer.A note from Audrey F.:Hey Fam! All is well ... Read more about this post
  • Malawi Well Drilling Report June 22, 2016 Malawi Well Drilling Report Parents and faithful prayer partners for our team:   Things have been going very well.  Our team is coming together nicely and we enjoy one another.  Our free time is filled with laughter.     The weather has been so nice this year and in fact, many find it necessary to wear jackets in the morning.  On the 21st we had our first KP duty.  We served the entire camp during lunch.      We enjoy the Obstacle Course and learning ... Read more about this post
  • Cambodia Report June 22, 2016 Cambodia Report   Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp!   We arrived on Saturday to a very hot day in Florida!   Thankfully, the Lord has sent some rain and lots of cool breezes the last two days.  It has helped to make the class time under the Big Top much cooler.   We all got settled into our tents quickly.   Last night, when we returned to our campsite, we were welcomed by a couple of armadillos!  We ... Read more about this post
  • Arizona—Indian Boot Camp… We have Arrived! June 19, 2016 Arizona—Indian Boot Camp... We have Arrived!Updated Sunday 6/19/16 We arrived safely at Western Indian Mission on Saturday evening (about the same time the 1st Boot Camp rally was starting in Florida!) It was a long 1900+ miles but the bus ran great and the team bonded along the way. The team enjoyed our first meal on the hilltop overlooking Window Rock… the sun had just set, the air was cool. Afterward, we spent time in worship, thanksgiving, and prayer. Today, we ... Read more about this post


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