Mission Trip Reports

Exciting mission trip reports and testimonies are posted each week while our teen, preteen, and adult teams are at their project locations worldwide. Check back often for the latest news updates!

  • Greetings, one last time from the lovely country of Poland! July 28, 2016 Greetings, one last time from the lovely country of Poland!Greetings, one last time from the lovely country of Poland! Wow! Our final days are upon us. It’s crazy to think back on all the things we’ve seen and done these past four weeks in Poland. There’s been so much growth spiritually among the team members, it’s a huge encouragement to see. Our last projects are being completed now, as we were given several more small tasks to finish before leaving the church. Currently, our KP ... Read more about this post
  • A very busy week in Canasi, Cuba July 28, 2016 A very busy week in Canasi, CubaWe have had a very busy week in Canasi!  The church threw a celebration concert at a local community center this past Monday.  Even if one was not in attendance, the music could be heard throughout the entire area, I am sure!  Everything was in Spanish but many songs were familiar to us, so we could worship alongside our fellow Cuban brothers and sisters.  It was a lively event, very typical to Cuban culture I ... Read more about this post
  • Tanzania on the mountain July 28, 2016 Tanzania on the mountainWe received a message from the Tanzania base that the Kilimanjaro team is now on the mountain and will be hiking for six days. They will do a report when they return, unless there is a place to do one from. They are doing fine and looking forward to hiking. They appreciate your prayers. Read more about this post
  • Clean water for the village of Katema, Malawi July 28, 2016 Clean water for the village of Katema, MalawiWe write to you from the Mangochi base here in Malawi where we have been staying since Monday the 25th. On Tuesday we started our work project here which has been to unload bricks, and level and pour a concrete floor. The other work team completed a dorm room and we just poured the floor and will start laying bricks for another dorm room today. We also helped dig the slough for the Boot Camp.  We ... Read more about this post
  • Cambodia returning to Siem Reap July 28, 2016 Cambodia returning to Siem ReapIt’s hard to believe that our time here at the Teen Missions base here at Kampong Chhnang is almost over.  We travel back to Siem Reap on Saturday.  We have really enjoyed our time here.  Riding the motorcycles has been awesome and the base is peaceful and serene.  The last two days we have had MSSM ministry all day.  We leave at 8 am and return about 4 pm.  We do two MSSM locations each ... Read more about this post
  • Madagascar packing up July 28, 2016 Madagascar packing upHey! This is the last report from the wonderful Madagascar. I can’t believe tomorrow, July 29th, we start our journey back. The last few days on the circuit were great and we all had a blast with the kids. Yesterday, we gave everyone the opportunity for one last drive on Malagasy roads. We are cleaning up and packing out for our long tiring journey back to the States. We can use prayer for health, safety ... Read more about this post
  • Zambia’s exciting week July 28, 2016 Zambia's exciting weekWednesday morning, we left at 9:15 for the Chiwala Elizabeth Light of Hope Rescue Unit, a one hour drive.  When we arrived, there was already twenty-five people waiting for us who we learned had begun to wait since 7 a.m.  Later, one lady, who rode her bike ten kilometers to come, was so glad, smiling, and thankful to see us still there, because she thought she would be too late.  She commented that she had trouble ... Read more about this post
  • Fair Share Ministry in Indiana July 27, 2016 Fair Share Ministry in IndianaWe are getting to the end of our fair share ministry. Last night we went to Edwards County Fair and the Laurence County Fair, we did about fifty surveys between the two groups. It was a little discouraging because they were small fairs and a lot of people said no. But we are persevering and it’s our goal to get to the finish line strong.  We went to Holiday World on Monday and that was a blast. ... Read more about this post
  • Cameroon’s busy week July 27, 2016 Cameroon's busy weekSaturday…The morning after Cameroon commissioning, we work up early and got our bags packed and brought down to the bottom of the hill before breakfast.  Then we worked together to pack up the kitchen & put all the kitchen gear into the back of the TMI truck. The bus that would be transporting the team & our personal duffels was schedule to arrive at 8:00 am.  At 11:30, it finally showed up.  However, we enjoyed ... Read more about this post
  • The China team is in it’s final days here… July 27, 2016 The China team is in it's final days here...The China team is in it’s final days here at the Joy in the Journey camp.  I don’t think there is a single team member who is looking forward to leaving.  Many team members say they miss their families & the comforts of home, but no one wants to leave.  Three to four team members are already discussing plans to return here next year.  What an amazing summer! This week our final group of campers arrived. ... Read more about this post
  • 122 kids showed up for the Summer Scheme in Ireland July 27, 2016 122 kids showed up for the Summer Scheme in IrelandHello! I think the Northern Irish people are impacting us…we are slowly becoming accustomed to drinking tea after everything! And I mean everything. We are developing a taste for it…you can always count on Abby asking after every meal “does anybody want some tea?”. This week is our last week in Northern Ireland! Wow, time flies. This week we are hosting the kids club in Rathcoole at the Belfast City Mission, where we are staying. On Monday, ... Read more about this post
  • Nepal enjoys elephant safari July 27, 2016 Nepal enjoys elephant safariAs a team we are never short of interesting things to see, experience and do. I know some of you have been waiting for this report for a few days and I am sorry that it is late. We were able to plan a safari trip to a national park for a few days and did not have internet and computer, thus just now getting it out. Before leaving, we spent a day at a ... Read more about this post
  • Pictures from Indiana July 26, 2016 Pictures from Indiana Read more about this post
  • Ecuador is so amazing! July 26, 2016 Ecuador is so amazing!The work site is a busy place today. Walls are close to complete, the outhouse roof is on and walls are going up, a lean-to is being built along the side of the container and steel is being tied for the final footer. Power will soon be available as the electric lines are now to the building. Soon we will have all we need to run a Boot Camp in Ecuador. Tonight was a fun evening ... Read more about this post
  • India in their last week July 26, 2016 India in their last weekIt is hard to believe that a week from today, we will be flying back to the States for Debrief. We are experiencing our “lasts” – last church service in India, last Kraft Mac and cheese, last trip to town, etc. It is a very bittersweet time. Everyone is excited about going home and seeing their families. However, no one is excited about having to part with our team family. The team is healthy for the ... Read more about this post


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