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Summer Email Instructions

Send an encouraging email to your team member! (Note..available during Boot Camp Only and will be .25 cents per page)

To send an email to your team member or leader at Boot Camp the email address will need the team # and First initial and Last name of the person. Also place the team name and the First and Last name of the member in the subject line.


To: [email protected]
Subject: Zambia – John Doe

2018 Missions Trip  Mailing Addresses

No E-Mails After June 30

Teen Missions has set up an e-mail address for INCOMING Boot Camp e-mail ONLY! This is only available until 12 noon on June 30th. There will be no e-mail during the project time or at Debrief. There will be NO outgoing e-mail available. No attachments or forwarded messages will be delivered. These will be deleted at the source. Each e-mail will cost 25¢ per page. 

Boot Camp Snail Mail Address

Teen Missions Team (Your Team No)
Team Members Name
871 East Hall Rd
Merritt Island FL 32953

Team NumberNameField Address
18001FijiPO Box 228
Sabeto Post Office
18002Holy LandHope Secondary School
PO Box 5
Beit Jala, West Bank
18003HondurasApartado 4094
San Pedro Sula
18004MexicoCalle 25 #218 20X22
Fracc. Limone
Merida, Yucatan
C.P. 97219
18006South AfricaPO Box 865
Pyramid 0120
18007TaiwanPanding Church
#15 Lane 361 Youyuan South Road
Longing District
Taichung 434
Taiwan R.O.C.
18009Ethiopia OrphanageWest Shewa Zone
Bako Tribe Woreda
SVO-New Family Development
18010Madagascar Motorcycle (MSSM)B.P. 690
Mahajanga 401
18011Malawi Well DrillingPrivate Bag 3
Chipoka, MALAWI
18012EcuadorYouth Mission of Ecuador
PO Box: 17-24-158
Santo Domingo-ECUADOR, S.A.
18013Indiana Evangelismc/o TTT Ministries
13000 US Highway 41 N.
Evansville, IN 47725
18015Madagascar EyeglassB.P. 67
Vangaindrano 320
Box 680
18018Zambia Well DrillingPO Box 71569
18019Zimbabwe Foot WashingPO Box 28
18022Puerto Rico Hurricane Reliefc/o Alex O. Ruiz
R.R.1 Box 4716
Maricao, Puerto Rico 00606
18070Ecuador PreteenYouth Mission of Ecuador
PO Box: 17-24-158
Santo Domingo-ECUADOR, S.A
18071Forest AngelsTeen Missions
871 E Hall Rd.
Merritt Island, FL 32953
18072Navajo Camp3910 E. El Paso Drive Flagstaff, AZ 86004


  1. Is it better to send email rather than snail mail? I don’t want Faith Petersen to have to use her spending $$ for emails, especially since mine will sound kind of stupid!!

  2. Melinda K Conley

    Do we put the team name and number when they are out in the field?
    First Last Puerto Rico Team 18022
    c/o Alex O. Ruiz
    R.R.1 Box 4716
    Maricao, Puerto Rico 00606

  3. Beth,
    The Malawi address on this page of mailing addresses for Malawi Playground says, “Malawi, Canada”.
    Also, I am looking for team Nepals photo in the “team pictures” line-up. Could you please see that one gets taken for this team. Last year something happened that we did not get a team picture or a “scrap book” entry of the presentation for Team Poland. Thanks so much!

    • Alana, Leave off the Canada. He was suppose to fix that before he left. A team photo will be done tomorrow. Our team did not get a scrap book last year either due to technical difficulties. Unfortunately, things like that can happen.

  4. I’ve noticed there are 2 teams going to Honduras. Which one is the pre-teen team?

  5. What team is Thomas & Julie Clyde on. I wanted to send an email, but none of the group names sound like what they said they will be doing. It is a preteen group that is going to Ocala campground to evangelize and then return to TMI to do some projects. Thanks.

  6. My child isn’t on the Pre-teen Malawi team but something about that address seems wrong, isn’t Malawi in Africa?

  7. I went on a team last year, and we were never able to get to the post office to pick up our mail. Is there a chance that this year’s team will pick it up and bring it back? Not sure if that is possible! Thanks.

  8. Can we send mail when they are overseas if you put out a field address? And will they be able to respond?

    • Stacey, As stated in the General Fact Sheet, we want you to send them mail. The address is on their prayer card and in their Individual Team Fact Sheet. There are a couple of teams where we cannot get a secure mailing address, so you should continue to write them at Teen Missions.

      • My son is going to Ecuador and my daughter is going to Nicaragua. I do not see a field address for either team. Do I just continue to send their mail to boot camp after the 1st?

        • Melinda, We do not have a secure mailing address for either team. Continue to send their mail here. If someone we know is going down, we will send the mail then. Otherwise, they will get it when they arrive back in the States.

  9. If I’m sending mail to a team member at BC, do I just send it to the Teen Missions address with their name and team? :/

  10. Carolynn Slocum

    Does Ecuador have a field address yet?

    • Carolynn, Please write them at the Boot Camp address. If we get a secure address while they are down there, we will send the mail. Otherwise, they will receive it at Debrief.

  11. Hello, the Northern Ireland address on my daughter’s bookmark is different than the one shown here. Which one is better? Also, she seems to have taken her fact sheet with her, is there any way we can see one? Thank you. Debbie Black

  12. I noticed the address for Nepal is different than the one in the pamphlet. Which one should I send it to?

  13. Does Cuba have a field address yet?

    • Eleni, No. Please send all mail to the Boot Camp address. If someone is going down, we will have them take the mail, but we cannot get a secure address.

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