2018 Boot Camp Schedules

Pray for and follow your favorite team through the busy Boot Camp schedule!

Remember that evening rallies are webcast live each evening from Big Top #1 beginning at 7:00 EST. Rally webcasting runs from Saturday, June 16th through Saturday, June 30th.  (Note: Preteens are scheduled to join the teens in Big Top #1 for the Rally.)























  1. Christine Edwards

    You used to post a Boot Camp map. Will you be doing that again? It was very useful to give the kids an idea of where everything is before they get there. Thanks!

  2. When will Pre Teen schedule be posted?

  3. When will the missions teams begin returning to the states?

  4. Deb Sartor-Englert

    What an incredible Tent Rally at the Commissioning service last evening, July 3, 2016! It had been ten years since I had been on TMI property and been at the last Commissioning service singing sweet worship songs, This Little Light of Mine and watching hundreds of team members with excitement in their eyes and lit candles in their hands step out and approach the buses that would take them to the airport and ultimate missions destination. As I saw my dear friend (Linda Evans! 🙂 ) of 21 years lead yet another summer team to another remote location in Africa, I was amazed at how God brought me full circle…when I was a naive 16 year old and headed to Zywiecz, Poland in 1985 in the midst of a communist Cold War. The unity of our team, how God used our atheists interpreters to preach the gospel and soften their hards through puppets, song, hard work and genuine authentic Christian love. And it still happens today…and now my young teenage son is eager to take part of The Great Commission with TMI. It just doesn’t change those we serve, but those who’ve come to serve…I will forever be changed by that one summer of “sacrifice”…and I pray those we saw last night will experience the same. TMI will always be one of my mission first loves.

  5. How fantastic ready to start the training, meet new friends and pull in closer to Jesus! All things will work together for good, in Jesus name.

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