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  1. hey im from serbia and i want to go on short trip to serve god with all my heart,but my parents dont have much money,pray for me,

  2. I am stephen From South india I want free bible training to learn more

    • Stephen, We have a Bible school in India! Please email our office for more information ([email protected]).

  3. we love you all we warmwelcoming to you all india to work field work for reach unreached millions the love of christ compells us to oove you all plese pray for us thahank you so much we egerly waiting your good replay for with much prayers Amen

  4. Goodtime Emiantor S.

    Please my name is Goodtime Salami. I would love to join the missionary team. I am from Nigeria where souls need to be won for christ as terrorism has become the order of the day. I want to know in the best way how I can support my African people as some of them don’t even know about God and the peace in his salvation. Please I would appreciate if I am given this opportunity. I am a university graduate and in my late 20’s. Hope to hear from you soon. Much regards.

    • Goodtime, Thank you for your interest in our program. We do run the same program in several African countries. If interested, please email our office and they will forward your email to the appropriate countries ([email protected]).

  5. Hello,
    My name is Rachel Blair and I am a recovering stage 3 cancer survivor. I am currently 25 years old, and am extremely interested in helping others, which in turn, will also heal myself from the emotions that cancer has brought about. I do not know much about the program, but I am hoping to do mission work here in florida and mostly abroad. I’am unsure of how the process to continue with mission work happens, and also, the amount of money needed to proceed to help others. I am hoping to do free missionary work, because at the moment I am not financially ready to spend a large amount of money. I really just want to help others, while I myself heal. Email me when you can, but I am willing and very much able to provide joy, build housing, provide food and all that comes with missionary work.

    Thank you for your time, hope to hear back soon!

    • Rachel, If you are interested in leading a team this summer, please email Leader Placement ([email protected] and put to the attention of Leader Placement. There is a cost involved, but we would provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise the needed support. If you are interested in staff (again, you must raise your support), then email and put to the attention of Personnel.

  6. I’m just changing my email address here.

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