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Dear Parents, We appreciate you and realize the importance of your involvement in each step of the process of your child going on a summer missions trip with Teen Missions International. We want to make the process of learning about our summer program as easy as possible and welcome your input as we seek to improve that process. Below we are offering information specific to parents as well as links to program details to aid your navigation of our website.

How can a Teen Missions trip benefit your son or daughter?

Spiritual Growth

A Clear Presentation of the Gospel — Each team at the Lord’s Boot Camp attends the evening rally for cheers, announcements, worship and a message from God’s Word delivered by guest speakers and our own full-time missionary staff. The message of salvation, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, is clearly presented (especially during the first few rallies) and an opportunity is given to respond and take that first step as a new believer in Christ. All teens are also encouraged to lay down any hindrances to their spiritual walk and/or summer ministry. Our trained full-time missionary staff and leaders are available afterward to offer encouragement, counsel, Scripture, and prayer.

Daily Personal Devotions — One part of the daily schedule never changes throughout Boot Camp training, travel, field service, and Debrief. Each morning, all summer, all activities stop for 30 minutes of private personal devotions—a time for reading God’s Word and prayer. We hope this will help to set a pattern that becomes a life-long habit.

Bible Memory Verses — Team members learn a Bible memory verse each day (Monday – Saturday) and recite it word-perfect to a leader. Team members learn 40 of the most useful memory verses for youth and for outreach (Preteens learn 19 verses). Each weekend the team enjoys memory verse quizzing as a fun way to review what they have learned. Those who struggle with memorization can receive one-on-one assistance in learning all the memory verses.

Faith Grows — Most teens see their faith increase as they see God provide support, answer prayer, and use their efforts to make a difference for God’s kingdom.

Establishing better Habits

Getting ‘Unplugged’ — Today’s world is FULL of distractions, many of them might even be ‘good’ things. During the summer, however, each young person agrees to part with electronics (video games, cell phones, iPods etc), sports, movies, dating, etc.. This helps reduce distractions and encourage relationship building with the entire team as well as nationals in the host country.

Discipline — The entire summer program involves rules that are necessary for safety, team unity and a positive Christian testimony in transit and while overseas. Leaders are trained to teach and enforce proper discipline. Through the summer, team members learn self-control, respect for authority and the value of order and discipline.

Teamwork — Training at the Lord’s Boot Camp is tough and requires teamwork. When one falls or becomes discouraged, others come alongside to encourage and support. Learning to work with others is a valuable life skill in both work and ministry.

Diligence, Hard Work & Potential — During the summer, each team is given a significant project that many require new skills. Both work and evangelistic assignments will involve hard work and patient determination to see each task through to its completion. Character and confidence are built as the team members  learn the truth of Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. )

Thankfulness — We take much for granted. Each day we have a roof over our head, clean water, parents who provide for our food and clothing… wash our clothes. We enjoy our music and other material comforts. Most of the world does not live like we do. Most team members return home much more thankful for the ‘little’ things that really aren’t that ‘little’ after all!

New talents and experiences

Many team members don’t realize that their personal talents and interests are very much needed in the work of the Lord. We present them with many different aspects of mission work and ministry, realizing they might discover, for the first time, how God might lead them in future ministry.

Below is a partial listing of the hands-on training and ministry experience offered over the years during the summer mission trip program. (Note: Not all of these areas are offered every year):

Music Ministry - VoiceBasic SteeltyingMotorcycle Missions
Music Ministry - InstrumentalBasic Concrete MixingWell Drilling (water)
DramaTruss BuildingGospel Film Making & Videography
Puppet / Children's MinistryBuilding LayoutSports Evangelism
Teaching English as a Second LanguageMaturity ( Four-part Bible-based seriesMedical Missions
PhonicsServanthood (Four part Bible based seriesOrphan Ministries
Basic BlocklayingPresenting the plan of SalvationTraining National Teens
Basic CarpentryAdvanced EvangelismMission Aviation

Increased Vision and Understanding of World Missions

Improved understanding about our world — Teens will learn about other languages, customs, and cultures. They will also experience the beauty of God’s creation as they visit some of the world’s most famous and beautiful landmarks.

Increased awareness of the needs of missionaries and of the unreached —  John 3:16 says “that God so loved the WORLD”. Your teen will likely have a better ‘global’ burden  for the opportunities to serve and pray for the lost worldwide. Our teams have built remote jungle airstrips for missionary pilots, life-saving bridges in the African bush, a frontier hospital in Papua New Guinea, and hundreds of churches, schools, and orphanages, (often from the ground to a closed in roof) before departure. Our teams partner with local youth and churches to conduct open-air evangelism and one-on-one witnessing. These efforts have resulted in thousands of decisions for Christ and in some cases, new churches were born due to the success of these efforts. When the summer is completed, the teens realize that God can use them NOW to do things they never before dreamed possible while heightening the realization of the needs and possibilities for future mission involvement and support.

What are the basics of the Teen Missions Program?

Number-1-iconTraining (two weeks) at the Lord's Boot Camp prepares youth spiritually and physically for their summer trip and builds team discipline & unity.
Project (three to four weeks) in the host country conducting various work projects and evangelism using music, drama, puppets & testimonies in partnership with the host church or mission.
Debrief consists of (4 to 5 days) at Teen Missions Retreat Center where teams fellowship, share testimonies, compete in memory verse quizzes and attend classes preparing them for continued service after returning home.

The summer trip program consists of three basic parts:

Training at the Lord’s Boot Camp —


The Lord’s Boot Camp begins with a wake-up call before dawn’s early light and proceeds to a timed Obstacle Course that builds reliance on the Lord’s strength and team unity. Obstacles include Elijah’s Chariot, The Children of Israel’s Luggage, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Mount Sinai, the Wilderness Wanderings, the Slough, the Maze, the 5 D’s of the Devil, Needle’s Eye, Red Sea, Jacob’s Ladder and finally the Wall.  Afterwards, all activity stops for 30 minutes of personal devotions followed by Bible and Evangelism classes as well as practical training in basic construction skills, music, drama and much more. Evening rallies offer an opportunity for team cheers, worship and a message from God’s Word. On Commissioning night, each team member and leader makes an individual choice to take the Gospel literally around the world.

Project in the host Country —


Teen Missions teams tackle some of the most diverse, remote and challenging projects available. Work teams can lay foundations, raise walls and assemble a roof for a church, orphanage or school. Evangelistic teams perform open-air presentations (including music, drama, puppets and personal testimonies). All teams are trained in personal and group evangelism. Work teams do outreaches on weekends and as opportunities arise during the week.

Debrief at Teen Missions’ Retreat Center —


Teams return to the Teen Missions Retreat Center in Merritt Island, FL for their last few days together. Teams share testimonies of what the Lord has done during the summer.  All teens look forward to a quiz competition to declare the year’s champion.

Reviews, Tips & Testimonies from Teen Missions

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 FAQs — Visit our most Frequently Asked Questions page


Facebook Page — Teen Missions Facebook page has more than 40,000 fans and more than 600 reviews available for your reading pleasure. You can also find thousands of mission trip photos on our facebook gallery.


Youtube Videos — Boot Camp Clips, Devotionals & Testimonies


Mission Trip Reports  — Each team sends two reports per week while on the field. These reports are posted on the Teen Missions website as they come in. Browse the hundreds of reports from around the globe to learn first-hand how God has used each team.


Media Features on Teen Missions — Browse news articles and special features from newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

(How to decipher and translate your team member’s letter home!)

Over the years, we have developed abbreviations and names that mean something at Boot Camp, but when shared in a letter home can be like reading in a foreign language. Below is our best effort to help you translate our Boot Camp dialect. Enjoy!

OC—Obstacle Course

SB —Special Blessing Training

KP—Kitchen Patrol


MC— Master of Ceremonies for evening Rally

MTA—Missionary to America

FTM—Former Team Member

SPP—Secret Prayer Partner

Devos—Personal Devotions

GG—God’s Gentleman (teen boys’ class)

GG—Grubby to Grace (teen girls’ class)

RR—Rough to Righteouness (preteen boys’ class)

RR—Rags to Riches (preteen girls’ class)

Quiz—Weekly Bible memory competition between team members and other teams


  1. I am looking into sending my daughters on a mission trip for the 2019 summer. When will the details and prices be published? Also, do y’all still send buses around to pick up or does everyone just fly in? Thank you

    1. Stephanie, Almost everyone is on vacation/deputation. We will be finalizing and proofing the brochure copy once everyone returns and then it will be posted on the web. We usually do not have the prices from the airlines until mid to late October. However, they should be close to what they were this year. We no longer have the buses so she will need to fly or drive in.

  2. Sorry this is so last minute. I kept expecting to receive info, but haven’t. We are coming down for commissioning. But I don’t have any information. I just now found the boot camp schedule which seems to say it starts at 7p.m. Is that when we are supposed to arrive? Are we supposed to come for dinner? I thought I read somewhere to bring things for the team. What does that mean? We are bringing small children. Is there anything special we need to know?

    1. Amy, We sent out that information in the June newsletters. Parents may come in after 1. Please wear pants, closed toe shoes, shirts with sleeves, bring water and bug repellent. We do not provide any meals. You can bring a cooler with food, but you would have to return to your car to eat (there is a tent with picnic tables). You cannot take the team member away from the team and please note that packing out is their first priority.

  3. My daughter is on the Madagascar trip that leaves in 2 days. Can she bring a trail cam (uses batteries) to the mission field to capture nocturnal animal pictures outside her tent at night?

    1. Andrea, Airline tickets have been purchased, but there is still available seats, but the group fare may not be available, so the cost may be greater. Please call Paul this morning for more information.

    1. Michele, You can go to Red Wing or any shoe store that sells boots. A lot of the athletic stores also sell them. You can also go to Amazon or Sierra Trading Post. Make sure they are lace up and all leather (no gortex).

  4. So, I very carefully made sure I had everything ready to put into the yellow envelope for my son. Got papers notarized, then put promptly put in mail. Just found the General Fact Sheet Agreement on the table. Sigh….I checked several times, but still managed to muff. Guess I send it separately? To 885 East Hall Road address?

    1. Lorie, But you did so good getting everything else in so quickly! Yes, go ahead and mail it to 885 E. Hall Rd and put to the attention of “Registration”. Now, if I could only get mine done…

    1. And I would also like to inquire as to what payment methods are accepted? I will most likely be getting money in cash through fundraising, so where am I supposed to send it to? Your website says that $300 must be turned in along with paperwork 30 days after the support package is received, to the Teen Missions Office, but I do not know the address.
      Thank you so much!

      1. Quinncierra, Everyone was suppose to be back in the offices this week, but a hurricane arrived…The office is still without water and electricity. Once that is restored, then we can start processing the registrations. All of that information will be in the original packet that you will receive.

    2. Cierra, It is easier to say what it does not cover: round-trip transportation to/from FL for training and after Debrief (does include transportation to/from project site), passport and visa costs, spending money, departure taxes (if any), incidentals (boots, clothes, supplies, medical such as immunizations, etc.

  5. Will parents and family arriving as early as 1 PM be offered any food during the afternoon? I assume the commissioning ceremony will last about 1 hour.
    Will teams that are not flying out until Sunday morning also load on busses at the end of the ceremony?

    Thank you.

  6. Hello Beth,
    This is Annie Russum’s mom and she told me peanuts boot camp started today. I know she is helping out with the worship team during the rally and I can’t seem to get a link to watch the rally today. I noticed it states that the rally won’t be webcast until June 17th? Just clarifying that the boot camp for peanuts this week is not being webcast during rally? Thanks for your help.

  7. Can a teen from Africa join an African mission without necessarily having to travel to USA for the boot camp? I would like my teens to experience a mission but can’t afford to send them to the US.

    1. Gloria, We run the same program in several African countries. Please email the office and let them know where you live and we will get you in touch with the closest base.

  8. My son is going to Cambodia and I need to fill out a motorcycle permission slip. Where do I find this form or can you have someone send it to my e-mail.

  9. Hi, my name is Eve and I am going on the Zambia missions trip this summer. I noticed the section where it says we are getting “unplugged” but I was wondering if this meant I would never be able to call my mom, or a friend? I saw it said monthly letters will be sent but we will never be able to call?

    1. Eve, You will be able to call from the airport when you arrive in Florida, from the airport before flying to Zambia, from the airport before Debrief and from the airport before flying home. Otherwise, your communication will be via letters.

  10. As I am looking at the trips, the 1st Debrief and 2nd Debrief dates still have the same beginning date as June 17th. Is that correct or does 2nd Debrief actually start later since it ends later?

    1. Heidi, That will not be a problem. There will be food for her to eat at Boot Camp and the leader’s can work with it on the field. You might want to send bread and some types of granola bars to help supplement. She will give these things to her leaders who will distribute them to her when needed. You might also want to send pancake, brownie mix, cereal, etc. for use on the field.

    1. Michele, It must be paid in full by the day you arrive, but the goal is to have all the money in by May 15. It includes the airfare and travel to/from FL to the project country. It does not include your roundtrip airfare to/from FL from your home.

  11. We were wondering if you have family mission trips? We are a home school family of 5 (3 teenage boys) and would like to go on a shorter mission trip with other families. Is that possible?
    We are generally flexible on the time of the year.

  12. I have a question, if my son comes in the summer can or will you all drug test him when he gets there? I have in the past and he always seems to know when it’s coming, I thought maybe it would surprise him if you all did. I’m not positive that he’s doing anything but there has been reason for suspicion, like some of the friends he hangs out with.

    1. Kiley, We do not do drug tests. That is not the purpose of our training program. We are training the team members to go to the mission field and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

  13. I purchased return flight from Orlando several months ago and just received an email stating her flight is now at 8:53 am. Will this still work since ot is so close to 9:00 am?

      1. Can you tell me the address so we can look into it? We are also from Canada and interested. Also, typically do parents drop off (fly in) with their teens or do the teens fly in and get picked up at the airport?

  14. My grand daughters are graduating in May this year and want to do a missions trip. Both are sav ed and are ready to work for his kingdom.

    1. Frances, The only communication is via mail. He will be able to call you once when they leave Boot Camp and right before Debrief. The leaders will be emailing the office reports twice a week and those will be posted.

    1. Jennifer, If she is 18 and has not been on a trip before, she will go as a team member on a teen trip. She could go on an adult team, but I think the teen team would be more beneficial for her first time.

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